Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Featured Ferret: Gizmo

Hi Iz Gizmo and Iz not a gremlin so youz can get mez wet and feed me after midnight if youz want. Iz came into The Ferret Awareness Club of the Tri-Cities shelter in Bristol, TN wif my friendz

Chaos, and

Iz looking for a great forever home and would love it if one if not all my friendz could come wif mez. Iz haz my own cage set up so will feel right at home.

Dez hoomanz say I need to have some vaccinationz cause der don’t seem to be any record of mez having any.

Note: Gizmo is a blaze and while it is not stated on pet finder’s he may have some hearing issues. This does not make him unadoptable it just means that he will need some training with hand signs so he will know what you want him to do. Gizmo may be getting cues from his friends.

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for making these posts. I browse the pet finder site and chose a ferret to feature on Enlightened Ferret. The information contained in the bios each ferret gives is taken from the site and put into his/her own words.

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