Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marcuz Gotcha Day Pawty

While I am not really sure when Marcuz came to live with James, Manny, and me I do remember that it was in November and before James crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. November is also very full of parties and it has been hard trying to decide when to have Marcuz’ twitter pawty.

So we are going to celebrate Marcuz’ gotcha day November 18th at 8pm-10pm eastern standard time.

Marcuz will be one year old. The theme is holidayz please come dressed in your finest or as part of the holidayz. Also this will be potluck style please bring your favorite dish to share with everyone.

We will be supporting the seniors at Hearts of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association.

#ferretolidayz will be the hashtag for Marcuz’s twitter pawty.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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Samuel_Clemons said...

jo, it's me, sammy da wise, sammy the colonel, sammy the playboy ferret who lounges by the swimmy pool baffy... you know which sammy, right?

was looking for your twitter handle, and couldn't find it on your home page or about us... tweet me wif your @handle so i can get back to you....

i forgot to put that on the blog post that commenters should leave their twitter handles, i have it on some of my posts, but not all, my bad

the tea kettle whistleth

i tweet at @samuel_clemons