Monday, January 23, 2012

Featured Ferret: Pooh Bear

Hi hoomanz Iz Pooh Bear

Az youz can see I iz not a yellow bear in a red shirt but Iz might like honey. *chitters*

I iz relaxing in my hammock here at da Metro Animal Services in Louisville, KY while waiting fer my Jimmy Buffet to come take me awayz from here and my island forever home.

When I am not napping I iz a busy girl checking out all the sightz and soundz here.

I like being held by da hoomanz here so dey fink I would being in my own pet hooman’z armz.

Want to know more about mez den slip off a note to Metro Animal Services and put Pooh Bear in da Subject line.
If I iz not da girl fer youz please pass diz info to a hooman I might be da right girl fer.

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for featuring ferrets on my blog other than the hope that someone will give these fun, furry little springs a wonderful home.

Have a Chittering Good Day


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