Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Featured Ferret: Poe

               A Dream

A wilder’d being from my birth

    My spirit spurn’d control

But now, abroad on the wide earth,

    Where wand’ rest thou my soul?

In visions of the dark night

    I have dreamed of joy departed --

But a waking dream of life and light

    Hath left me broken-hearted.

And what is not a dream by day

    To him whose eyes are cast

On things around him a ray

    Turned back upon the past?

The holy dream – that holy dream

    While all the world were chiding,

Hath cheered me as a lovely beam

    A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro’ misty night,

    So dimly shone afar --

What could there be more purely bright

    In Truth’s day-star? (1)


Hi, I am Poe. As in Edgar Allan Poe.  I am resting up at the Ferret Waystation here in Austin Texas before wandering in to the right hooman’s heart and home.

I am a wee lad looking for a happy place to bounce, scurry, and dance at along with maybe nicking an item or two for my own special hidey hole.

Any hooman out there that has an affinity for Poe? Or perhaps is just a writer looking for a muse? I can be that too. Richard Bach, he’s a writer you know, has ferrets that are his muses so I know I can be one too.

Or I can just be me and take away the gloom of the day by making you laugh and getting you to chase me. We can have lots of fun together.

Sides they won’t let me out of the Ferret Waystation unless I am with a hooman something about me being to little to be on my own.

My markings make me a Blaze ferret and there could be a 75% chance that I might be deaf

Hope my hooman is reading this right now.

Edgar Allen Poe Ferret

Disclaimer: I get no compensation for featuring ferrets from the Pet Finder site or from the shelters that they are residing at. The bios for each ferret are my own created from the information available and are works of fiction unless otherwise noted. 

Have a Chittering Good Day,


1. Poe, Edgar Allan “A Dream” The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe 1983 Running Press

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Mariodacat said...

Awww you sure are a cute little guy. Hope you find a forever home soon. I bet you and I could have lots of fun playing Chase!