Monday, February 13, 2012

Featured Ferrets for Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day. 2ofhearts


My Valentine

By Martina McBride

If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you

If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refuse to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
You're all i need
My love, my valentine 

All of my life
I have been waiting for
All you give to me
You've opened my eyes
And showed me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
In my dreams i couldn’t love you more
I will  give you my heart
Until the end of time
You're all I need
My love, my valentine


Will and Widget are from the Williams Animal Control in Knoxville, TN. Will is about 4 years old and Widget is about 6. Their combined adoption fee is $120.

Valentine is from Animal Rescue League of Boston, MA

Disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for promoting these cuties from Pet Finder . I also thought this song fit the day and found a site that had the lyrics. My Valentine is by Martina McBride.


Have a Chittering Good Valentine’s Day,



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Lily said...

Happy Valentine's day my wonderful furiends! ((HUGS)) & Purrrrrs