Friday, February 24, 2012

Pawing Forward





I’ve been fortunate to meet some really great people and their pets through my blog and on twitter.


One of them is Cokie the Cat . My boys got to meet Cokie’s stand in at Blog Paws along with Flat Tyler.

Cokie has this truly awesome contest on his blog. The contest is for a 100 lbs of pet food from Natural Balance for the next few weeks. That means you can enter each week for your chance at winning.

Natural Balance is helping to promote the famous skateboarding dog named Tillman and his new show on Animal Planet called Who Let the Dogs Out .

Cokie is feeling a little low cause not many are taking advantage of this great chance to get some free pet food for themselves. He’s wondering if maybe people don’t realize that they can donate their win to their favorite no-kill shelter.

Think how much relief a 100 pounds of free food would take off of the shelter’s mind. While it is true a 100 pounds of food might only last a month that means that their budget just got extended by a month.

So hop, run, wiggle, walk your way over to Cokie’s blog and enter into this fantastic contest and don’t forget to check out Who Let the Dogs Out on the Animal Planet.


Have a chittering Good Day,


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Lisa, Madi and Abi said...

what a great cause, and Cokie ROCKS!
Thanks so much for stopping over our blog to wish Madison well wishes. It means so much to us, xoxox
Chitter chitter *headbutts* purr purr