Thursday, February 23, 2012

Featured Ferret: Fig



Hi world,

My other hoomans named me Fig but they had to move and the place they are living now don’t allow any critters. Can you believe that? No pets what so ever. My poor hoomans are going to be so lonely without me.

Right now I am exploring the Kitsap Humane Society here in Silverdale, WA. I was showing this hooman I could do some of the paperwork. That was until they got out the clicky box to snap this picture of me.

I am a six month old boy who has experience with cats. I get overly excited and tend to be nippy. With the right hooman I will out grow that bad habit. But it is so hard to control myself when I want to play so much.

I am hoping to find new hoomans that have the energy to keep up with me and let me explore new things. Do you know the perfect hooman for me?


Disclosure: I get no compensation for featuring ferrets from the Pet Finder site or from the shelters that they are residing at. The bios for each ferret are my own created from the information available and are works of fiction unless otherwise noted.

Have a Chittering Good Day,



Mariodacat said...

Oh what a cutie.

Kat said...

Adorable! Hopefully Fig goes to a good home.

Nerissa said...

I hope you'll find a new home really soon. You look like a sweetheart.