Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can Ferrets Become Overweight?



While it is true most healthy ferrets don’t become overweight, it should be realized that it is possible for a ferret to gain more weight than is healthy. One has to take into consideration the amount of exercise to food ratio a ferret may get.

Ferrets should have food available throughout the day as they have a high metabolism but they should also have plenty of exercise for them to maintain a nice weight.

While I try to give my boys plenty of time out of the cage, Manny has a bad habit of eating all the food he can and will stash food in his hidey-hole for later. This habit has given him a rather large butt and has required me to start feeding the boys in separate areas.

Manny is on a diet of smaller portions than Marcuz who doesn’t feel the need to inhale his food so he is a lot smaller than Manny. To some Marcuz may look underweight but he isn’t as a healthy ferret can weigh anywhere from 2-5 pounds. Manny may be tipping the scales at the 5-pound mark.

The other difference is where both boys come from. Manny is a Marshall ferret. Marshall has been breeding ferrets for over 30 years. Marcuz is from Path Valley breeder in PA. I’ve had mainly Path Valley ferrets and they have all been under the 3-pound mark. Manny is my first Marshall ferret and so his larger size is new to me.

Therefore, the answer to the question is yes a healthy ferret can become overweight just like a human can.

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J said...

I would add that excessive weight increase might be an indication og fluid retention associated with either pulmonary or cardiac issues. Also seasonal weigh fluctuations, ie; gain in
winter,loss in spring, should be taken into consideration.