Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Featured Ferret: Big Bad Brodie

Hey you there! Yes I am talking to you. I want you to be my pet hooman. I am an educated ferret as I was found on the State College campus checking out the students and staff there.

I am not real keen on other ferrets but if you think you can integrate me into your business you are welcome to try but you have to convince these fine folks here at Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association of Centre C in Boalsburg, PA a call.

I love to play with the pet hoomans here but they only have a little time for each of us. I suppose I’d get more hooman time if I liked playing with them other ferrets.

I hope you will come take me home or know someone that will.

Brodie Bear.

Disclosure: All the ferrets I select from Pet Finder are by my choice only. I receive no compensation for promoting the adoption of these long furry kids. If I could I’d adopt everyone of them just so they would have a forever home.

For those that keep asking me medical or other advice please know I am not a vet and have no medical experience beyond what I have learned from my own ferrets. For the well being of your ferret or other animal please contact your vet for reliable information.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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