Thursday, March 1, 2012

Featured Ferret: Lucky


He just felt right to feature today.


Top of da day,

Names Lucky. Fits me right fine as I was left alone in my apartment when my hooman ran away. Thankfully other hoomans found me and brought me here to the Ferret Nook here in Cambridge, WI.

While these fine folks keep me entertained and I can dance with some other ferrets I would rather use my charms on a new pet hooman.

I’d give them my pot of treasure at the end of the rainbow. You did know that is where we kept all our cool stuff right?

Any hooman out there wishing for a charming lad like me?

I am 2 years old and I have the cutest little brown stripe on my nose and I am wishing for the best forever home.

Lucky Charms Ferret

Disclosure: I get no compensation for any ferret featured on my blog from either Pet Finder or the shelter they are living. Each profile is written by me to be in the voice of the ferret and from the information available.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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Kat said...

Awwww i wish i could take all the cute lil ferrets home!!!!