Monday, March 19, 2012

Marshall Wheelie Tote



Opening the box from Marshall Pets I was surprised to find this tote flat. I like the fact it can be easily stored this way.

I zipped up the zippers and the result is the above picture. I couldn’t wait to see how Manny and Marcuz would react to it.

I let them out of their cage and they were all over this new and fun looking toy. Once they had checked out the large mesh pocket on the outside it was time to climb in and check out the inside.



I shouldn’t have been surprised when they both sat down and looked at me from the top opening as to say, “Let's go.”

The tote has a handle on the top making it easy to carry downstairs. I wanted to see how the boys reacted to being wheeled around  so I extended the telescoping handle and pushed the tote ahead of me.

I could see the mesh top that the boys were having a ball looking out the sides and the top to see where they were going. The tote handled their bouncing around with ease and never felt unbalanced.

Strapping the tote down in the car was easily and didn’t compress like some of the other carriers I have had. It is also high enough that the boys could look out the window from the mesh and see where we were going.

I have replaced the blanket with a small fleece animal bed that Marcuz loves. I think that it gives his back some support without being to soft or hard.

I have named this carrier the mini Ferret Chariot and Manny and Marcuz love it so much that when they are finished playing and want to take a nap they will seek it out and climb in and go to sleep.

I love this tote and have recommended it to a few friends for their small critters. I am sure my boys will have their Ferret Chariot for many years to come.

Paw rating: a full 5 paw salute.

Disclosure: I was given the Wheelie tote to review and received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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