Thursday, March 15, 2012

Living Life Like a Ferret

Ferrets live life in the fast lane and to the fullest extent that they can. You can see the passion in their eyes as they take on a new challenge or adventure.

This week I made the decision to become the Crazy Ferret Lady and oddly things that I have been wanting to happen have started.

First was being the Featured Blogger on Pet PR’s site while I knew I would eventually be there I did not expect it to happen this week.

Then I was chosen for a writing job that has to do with pets. While it isn’t directly related to ferrets it is part of my passion and may lead to some other pet/ferret related work.

I did a prelim interview about the ferret clothing I make and while I am not ready to let more details out know that it will be huge for me and the boys.

So know your passion make the decision to follow your hearts passion to the ends and above all else grab that shiny and run like hell to your hidey hole to make it yours alone.


Have a Chittering Good Day,


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