Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ferret Chariot Maintenance

Since we have been tweeting pictures of the Ferret Chariot as it gets it make over we have been asked how others can get their names added and so here is a chance to be added.

HPIM3742 HPIM3741  HPIM3740 HPIM4158 HPIM4159 HPIM4155 HPIM4156 HPIM4157
In PA a yearly inspection is required to make sure a vehicle is safe to be on the road. The Ferret Chariot’s inspection is due in September and it will need to have some things done so it will pass.

Once again there is a chip In for the Ferret Chariot and a way to become a part of something bigger. This time there are only a few spaces due to the panel size I will be putting the Ferret Chariot Maintenance Crew.

These are the  Levels to be added to the list of Maintenance donors
Parts Store (30) Donations of $5
Lube Shop (24) Donations of $10
Glass Worker (20) Donations of $20
Backyard Mechanic (15) Donations of $30
Grease Monkey (10) Donations of $40
Mechanic (4) Donations of $50
Head Mechanic (1) Donation of $250
Shop Owner (1) Donation of $500 or above

Remember Chip In charges a shipping fee of $4.50 if you wish to avoid this fee please use PayPal and the payment addy is and be sure to mark it as a gift otherwise PayPal will take out a fee.
Our goal amount is 1500 and as each level is filled we will be reducing the numbers to reflect the number of donors.

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