Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Paws 2013

Wow what a wild ride.  Finished packing at 4:30 am and then we were on the road. It rained, it was windy, and then the sun came out.

Unfortunately the camera was packed so couldn’t take any pictures.  There is still major construction going on so we missed the driveway more than once. lol

Marshall Pets has a nice set up and the kids love the small animal play area. IMG_0065 Linda and Denise have been wonderful IMG_0041 and right next to them is Washington Metro Ferret Outreach IMG_0036

Got to see old friends IMG_0059

and meet new ones IMG_0063

Then the camera battery died so no more pictures tonight and I am on my way to a hot bath and a soft bed.


See you all in the morning and have a chittering good day,


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