Monday, May 13, 2013

Leading Up to Blog Paws: Packing

HPIM2897 Blog Paws is just a few days away and there is still so much to do. The first thing is to get started packing.

For those of us bringing our pets it isn’t as simple as one might think. For those flying it requires a health certificate from the pet’s vet then there is arranging for the pet to fly. Most airlines have a weight and number of pets in the cabin limit.

Ferrets are not allowed in the cabin but can be loaded as cargo, which is absurd, but since we will be driving it doesn’t matter this year.

Roomie and her two rescues, Ariel and newly adopted Z will be coming with us to her very first Blog Paws. So instead of packing for just Manny, Marcuz, and Marylin I am having to add in the two doggies.

Packing is a chore no matter the reason but when you have ferrets, it can be even a bigger chore unless you have a good system in place.

For me that is a list of what needs to be packed and in what suitcase, computer bag, and travel bag.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the ferret’s suitcase has a much longer list than mine but then I only need my clothes, a few grooming supplies as I don’t wear makeup. Now the tech bag is a bit fuller with having my notebook puter, cords, camera, battery charger, phone, extra battery, and charger.

But the list hasn’t changed much for the ferrets with only a few extras added because of Marylin and my list is just to make sure I don’t forget to pack pants, both sets of shoes, or any of my tech that will be needed at Blog Paws.

Don’t forget we all need our business cards. The fur kids have their traveling page cards and I’ll have my blog cards.

Soon we will be blogging from Tysons Corner, VA

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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Ann Staub said...

That is crazy that ferrets can't come into the cabin? They aren't noisy and their small... what's the big deal? Either way, have fun guys!