Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leading Up to Blog Paws: Grooming

Wow! Blog Paws is a sold out event this year that can only mean it is going to be the most awesome event ever. But then we knew that when two, count em, two ferret related organizations will be there and of course there will be more than just the Enlightened Ferret Business.

That is what a bunch of ferrets is called, a business. So now, the fur kids have to look their best and that means a mini spa day for them.

First 12 sets of nails will be clipped and three pairs of ears checked and cleaned.

The use of Ferretone will ease any resistance to that being done. Next will be the dreaded bath.

Now ferrets don’t often need baths as they are OCD about grooming and by over bathing a ferret you are actually increasing the oils on their skin that gives off the musky odor.

Only reason the kids are getting a bath is so they will look their best for arrival at the Sheraton hotel on Thursday.

Not all ferrets like the water and Marcuz goes from liking it to freak out and back in 2.3 seconds, it seems. But as long as the other two are with him, he does submit to the shampooing and rinsing.

My favorite thing is to watch them dry off, as they never think they are dry enough.


Manny is lucky that I don’t own a hair dryer as he is funny to watch as seen here from the last time we were at Tyson’s Corners, VA


Have a Chittering Good Day,


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