Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Ferret Plan

As many of you know we got our domain name back last week. *Happy Weasel War dance*
I also launched the Ferret Plan campaign to get us to Blog Paws May 8-10 in Nevada but I really didn’t outline how adopting these ferrets will help us.
First, let me say I already have my ticket thanks to The Pet Blog Lady.
60 Ferrets = Hotel Room
25 Ferrets = Vet travel certificate/vaccines for 3 ferrets
60Ferrets = Gas one way
4 Ferrets = Business Cards (3 sets)
60Ferrets= Gas to go home
91 Ferrets = Cash to cover ever thing else like food, tolls, next year’s ticket, ect.
This equals 300 ferrets and the ferret countdown is now to 298.
Yes, this is a very high goal but as each day disappears and Blog Paws gets closer the more it will seem like it is well worth the effort to me.
You have the choice of IMG_1367 for the head, tail, and underbelly. Unless it is a Rainbow or Angel ferret as those are always white.
Right now, the hotel is top priority as the rates go up April 22. All ferrets like Hearts except Angel are $10 hearts and Angel is $16.RainbowFerret
Don't want OTRB Angel then let me know which body you would like Angelfied for the same price as Angel.
These are the available bodies (mind it may take a few minutes for the pictures to load)
ferretbodies2 ferretbodies3
You can email me at about the one(s) you want to adopt and I will send you the adoption information to pay through PayPal.
I will hand deliver if you are going to be at Blog Paws otherwise there is a $6 transportation fee for the US and $25 for International.
In addition, if you have a specific pattern you would like your ferret to be made out of you can email me at the above address and I will give you the information on how to get your own custom ferret.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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