Monday, January 26, 2015

Ferrets are Not Vicious Animals!

As Iz reported on Friday there was a supposed ferret attack on a one month old child. The News stations and papers do not seem to have any more information than when they first reported the incident.

Iz did find out that the ferrets and two cats were euthanized. The article only said the ferrets were being tested for rabies. Iz can only hope that a nercrospy was performed on all the animals to see just which one had human flesh in their digestive track. There were also several other animals removed from the home. Unfortunately it is the ferrets that are the ones being blamed for the damage done to this child.

What the news reporters do not seem to understand is that it would take us ferrets a long time to do the damage the child sustained. In an interview the father stated that two of the ferrets were on the child and the third was still in the make shift cage, which again was made from cloth and was never intended to house any animal for an extended period of time. It is my opinion the ferrets were trying to comfort the child like they would do with a small kit, baby ferret, that was in distress. Again that is only MY OPINION.

Iz has the feeling that not all the facts have been discovered and unless there was a pet autopsy, Nercrospy< performed on ALL the euthanized animals wez may never know the real truth. Also living in that house were four other children under the age of five that were released into the custody of the grandparents and one article said there are criminal charges pending. Iz have to point out that this event was 100% preventable. If the parents had used a proper cage made from metal and not a cloth dog playpen, or had taken the child upstairs with them the child would not be in the ICU facing multiple surgeries to her face. The ferrets and cats would be alive and the other animals would not have been ripped from their home and the media would not have a sad story to report. But it also must be said that the living conditions were not ideal for the children or animals and both probably should have been removed or at the very least been monitored a lot closer than they were. This tragedy took place on the same day as the New York City Hearing to lift the ban on ferrets living in the city. It is our fear that those reconsidering the ban will leave it in place due to this incident and use it as the grounds for their decision when it is apparent that it was a preventable situation and that stories like this are not as prevalent as dog incidents in the news. Again leave a comment if you wish but Iz and Hooman reserve the right to delete any comment that is flaming towards other commenters or ourselves. Facts:

Ferrets ARE NOT rodents they were domesticated to hunt them and were used as rodent control until the earlier 30's in the United States

Most ferrets in the United States are fed kibble and have never tasted animal flesh but it also must be said there is a growing movement of raw fed ferrets but our stomachs are small.

Ferrets have claws like a cat and can climb.

Ferrets are curious creatures and will investigate any kind of squeaky noises.

Since the late 50's there have been less than 20 reported cases of rabies in ferrets and there are now vaccines against the disease.

Wez will continue to monitor the story and bring you the latest as wez find it out.

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