Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ferret Updates

Wez been busy trying to keep updated on all the ferret news in the last weeks. First up is about the infant that was supposedly attacked by ferrets.
At this moment wez still trying to find out if a necropsy was done on the ferrets and cats that were euthanized as that would prove or disprove the innocence of ferrets.
Our friend Lisa Silverstien of Silver Lining Ferret Sanctuary over in Whitehall Township, Lehigh county was on the television along with a vet to talk about ferret safety. You can watch the interview here.
The parents in this case have both been charged with five counts each of criminal child endangerment.
New York City still has itz ban on ferrets as there was no outcome in the January hearing. Not all is lost as the New York City Hygiene and Mental Health Board will be revisiting the issue in their March meeting. So wez are asking that all of our friends in New York City to find out the date, wez will post it once wez know it, and put it on their calendars to try and attend and support lifting the ban so those hiding in New York City  can come out and play and we can come visit.
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