Monday, January 19, 2015

“I Have a Dream…”


That line is from a famous speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in August of 1963. He was given a holiday by President Ronald Regan in 1983. It is to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday which is January 15th, but the holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of January.

Iz not a speech maker but Iz too have a dream.

Mez Dream is that all ferrets be free to bring their pet Hoomans out of the darkness of fear an into the light of encouragement.

That ferrets and pet Hoomans can live in harmony and not under the persecutions of misguided entities trying to squash the love between ferrets and their pet Hoomans.

It is mez hope that the dream starts tomorrow with the New York City Board of Health recognizing the good our small furry paws can do with the ban on us lifted.

It is also mez hope that the state of California will sit up and take notice of the movement and will take a long look at their prejudice  towards us ferrets and also remove their ban.

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day Iz ask you to help bring this dream a paw step closer by signing this petition to Introduce Ferret Legalization to Legislation so at the very least the California Legislation will put the matter on the rolls to hear from the pet Hoomans and not just those that wish to oppress us ferrets.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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