Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jolly Awesome Pet Tags


Wez is still trying to get all of our sections figured out and since Iz is kind of shy Iz asked Hooman if Iz could just do reviews. This is mez first one.

Wez got a chance to try out some new tags for our harnesses from Jolly Awesome Pet Tags . What is cool about these tags is that they can have our pictures on them along with the important information on the back. Not all tags allow you to do dual sides.   IMG_3260IMG_3263 IMG_3261 IMG_3262

Jolly Awesome Pet Tags have a great sale going on so you can get three tags for a price lower than their normal $16.95. Yep Iz said three tags. You can put the same image on the tags or do like pet Hooman did and make one for each of your fuzzy friends.

The tags are made from a strong durable plastic substrate that makes them almost impossible to break and are nearly scratch proof something many fuzzy owners would love.

The site is easy to navigate and offers a walk through video on how to design your tags that Hooman would not watch. She can be a bit stubborn. So it took her a while to figure out how to design our tags.

Wez were surprised at how fast Jolly Awesome Pet Tags shipped the tags to us. The one thing wez were not too surprised at was that the tags are a bit big for our harnesses but Hooman says they will work well on our traveling carrier if Iz stop trying to put them in mez hidey hole.

Jolly Awesome Pet Tags are made here in the United States so our pet Hoomans will not have to worry about foreign toxic dyes being used on the tags that could be ingested.

For mez Iz give Jolly Awesome Pet Tags a four paw rating since I have taken them to my hidey hole.

Disclaimer: Wez were given one set of tags for free along with gift cards. The opinions stated are ours and do not necessarily concur with the product, website, or any other venue attached to Jolly Awesome Pet Tags.

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