Friday, January 23, 2015

The Stylish Ferret


Hiyaz allz Iz finally talked my pet Hooman into letting me have my own column.

Hooman says I am a Fashionista. Iz had Hooman look that up for me and this is what it said.

fash-ion-is-ta: Noun

1. a designer of haute couture

2. a devoted follower of fashion.

I guess that means Hooman is number one and Iz is number two.

Iz do not know if you knew that we, ferrets, have our own Shoppe called Enlightened Ferret Fashions on Etsy and there we sell many of Hooman’s creation for the well dressed stylish ferret. We are also starting to add things for kittys and doggies.

Iz have been lucky enough to keep many of Hooman’s creations. Iz is just now learning all of the terms and started following some of the great designers of the Hooman world and of the pet fashion industry.

Because there are a lot of different categories that the Hooman fashions fall under Iz thought I would look some of them up. Some of them make sense to a tiny ferret like me but most of them make me shake my little head in disbelief as to why the Hoomans would want to wear such strange clothes.

The first one Iz is doing this week is called 70’s Mood. Iz tried to find a good definition of what it is but there were way too many different ideas out there. My definition is mismatched clashing.

Even my pet Hooman raised her eyebrow at some of these outfits. Stating that she grew up during the 70’s and does not remember anything quite like these.

photo from 

The other thing Iz noticed is none of da models are smiling.are they mad about something or are they not allowed to look like they might be having fun? Of these three me favorite is the brown coat with the green stripes on the arms.

Have a Chittering Good Day and stay styling,


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