Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Iz had toz goz

I stayed as long as I could.

Knowing your heart would shatter when I left.

You gave me your very best even to the end.

There wasn’t anything you could do but love me.

My short life I lived a lot.

I meet people both old and young and made them smile.

I helped you show the world that my kind isn’t as bad as the media portrays us.

I got to travel to so many states for different events.

My first was Bark World and my last HollyWoof

Know that I am near with only a thought.

The pain will ease in time but your love will always be strong.

While you might not want to dance now don’t forget how to Weasel War Dance in the sun.

Remember the good we did together and know that your love carried me on my next adventure.



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