Sunday, February 8, 2015

Guilty and Never to be Proved Innocent

Why is it that the Hooman’s have a saying that says “Innocent until proven guilty,” But us critters are automatically deemed guilty and rarely if ever proven innocent.

Hooman’s do not take what other hoomans say at face value when a crime is committed yet when it comes down to us being accused there is no real investigation if a hooman states they saw us do something then it has to be true even if that hooman is not very reliable or they think they saw was true then it should be proven.

We Live in a world where critters are frequently the scapegoat and unless our pet hooman’s start to demand that we at least get the right to prove our innocence when we are euthanized because we supposedly did something horrific such as gnaw on a child then we should have a necropsy performed. The act should not be set in stone just because someone said we did something when we could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The reason for this post is that Iz found out that there was no necropsy done on the three ferrets or the cats in the case of the baby being supposedly mauled by ferrets. The reason given was that the mother saw one of the ferrets on the child and as Iz has stated multiple times there is a chance that the ferret was trying to comfort the child. Yet the only test done was for rabies and only on the ferrets.

The officers involved stated that the bites were consistent with a ferret’s bite except if we were to bite into something to leave an impression and a cat did the same thing you would see that the bites would be very similar and unless there was a scientific comparison to rule which one left the mark it would be very hard to tell and yet none was done.

So as far as the media, those watching the media. and law enforcement are concerned the ferrets were the evil animals that attacked a defenseless child and caused severe injuries that will require multiple surgeries to repair. In the minds of those people the ferrets deserved to die but did they really? We will never know the truth. Granted the children have been removed from the home and the parents charged with child endangerment.

What do you think? Should any animal accused of attacking a hooman that has been euthanized have a necropsy done to prove/disprove the report?

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