Monday, August 31, 2009

Nutty Mondays

     I admit it I am a freebieholic and love getting little surprises in the mailbox that I’ve forgotten I have orders. Today was different because instead of receiving a small sample I received a full size package.

     Imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox to a large purple box with a picture of a cluster of nuts and other things on the front of it.


     This sample came from Nature Valley and was a full size package of Granola Nut Clusters along with a seventy-five cents off coupon. Not many samples come with coupons anymore.

     Nature Valley introduced its first granola bar in 1975 and has continued to offer its consumers a variety of different products. Granola Nut Clusters are just one of those products.

     I received Honey Roasted Peanut. What a nice little snack to have. I hate opening granola bar packages because I only eat one of the bars at a time and the other bar ends up wasted. The small clusters reminded me of little turtle candies. I liked the fact that the bag is resealable so you don't waste any.

     My only problem is these little treats are addicting and while the bag says a serving size is about seven clusters, it is easy to finish a bag in one sitting.

     Well that and the fact my fur kids all wanted a taste. I don’t give them too many things that have grain or sugar in them because of they don’t have the capacity to digest them well but I did give them each a nibble of these clusters and now know these wonderful tasting clusters will be under lock and key well away from three very nosy ferrets.

     You can ask for your own sample directly from Nature Valley. Take some time to explore their site and see who they are partnered with and the events they sponsor and participate in.

     Dial up uses the site has many pictures and will take time to load up.

Note: I have no connection to Nature Valley and this review came about because of a freebie I received in the mail.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

National Zoo and the Black-footed Ferret

     Congratulations to Chromiumman for being our winner of the Movie Monday Trivia give away.

     Below is Cyan and her six kits. The National Zoo has been a part of the Black-footed Ferret recovery program for 20 years.

     The National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center in Front Royal, Virginia has helped bring back the Black-footed Ferret from extinction by using artificial insemination from frozen sperm from Black-footed Ferrets that was collected in the 1980's and 1990's.

     Cyan's babies are the result of natural breeding. Depending on what time of the day it is. Cyan and her kits maybe sleeping because Black-footed Ferrets are mostly nocturnal. Enjoy the live feed from The National Zoo.



Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Migraine

     It’s no wonder that I hate Mondays the way I do. Went to work which was okay until the supervisor showed up and basically told me I was fat. Which really upset me because here is this short man with a Buddha belly telling me that I am lying about my weight.

     Once he left the day went pretty well until I tried to log on to my desktop computer. The first time it couldn’t find my dial up connect at all. I hit restart and it found the dial up and connected for a total of 2 minutes. Reconnected for 1 minute. Reconnected for 5 minutes but wouldn’t show the pages I wanted. After an hour of this I gave up and am now using my laptop.

     Normally I wouldn’t mind using it but all of my notes and other bits of information are on the desktop.

     I had to laugh at Lance today. I was making dinner. Tuna noodle casserole While the noodles were cooking in the microwave Lance woke up and was staring at me with the pet me eyes.

     I forgot I had just drained the tuna before adding it to the cream soup Lance smelled the tuna and gently licked my finger before trying to pull it by the knuckle into the cage.

     After he let go I got him a small amount of the soup and tuna mixture and let him have a taste. He loved it I had enough on my spoon that I could put some on top of the food trough. Lance lapped up quite a bit before returning to the hammock. He got one paw in the hammock before looking back at the tiny amount still on the trough. It must of been really good because he delayed his nap long enough to finish up that little bit.


Okay we have a winner with 6 out of 8 questions right. The answers are.

weezilpawburning In the 1982 movie, Beast Master who is Dur’s cunning? Kodo &Podo. A lot of people read this question as What and not Who.

weezilpawburning In the 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop, what poem did John Kimble read to the children before naptime? Spring Morning

weezilpawburning In the 2009 movie Space Buddies, where did Gravity ride on her owner? His suit chest pocket. Gravity would climb up inside of his suit jacket and poke her head out of the pocket.

weezilpawburning What is the correct coloring of the ferret in the 2005 movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? The ferret was an Albino.

weezilpawburning How were the horns applied to the ferret in the 2009 movie Inkheart? A Q-tip and spirit gum. Beard glue is the same as spirit gum.

weezilpawburning In the 2004 movie Along Came Polly, what disability did Polly’s ferret have? He was blind.

weezilpawburning In the 1997 movie Starship Troopers what was Carl’s pet Cyrano originally scripted to be? A frog.

weezilpawburning In the 2001 movie Dr. Doolittle 2, who did the voice of Lennie the weasel? Andy Dick.


Thank-you all for entering and to my new followers Welcome.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Friday

     Finally have some new pictures of my fur kids and wanted to share.

gwenndatoybox81909 Gwen get her toys.

             ooomomsshoe Mom's shoe!

minemine Mine now.

           100_0065 Lance is surprised by the camera.

100_0066 I am out of here.

         100_0071 James the ham.

100_0069 Stop and smell the flowers.

                100_0072 What do you mean they're fake?


Be back on Monday.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sheppard & Greene Review


     Mygroup My fur babies love treats but like most small children they can be finicky about the treat I offer them. Lance and Gweny love getting boiled chicken gizzards and liver but James just turns his nose up at those. James loves Alpo’s Chicken Carvers but the other two don’t. Treats are used for different reasons, a reward for good behavior, training, or just something special for the moment.

     I just recently found a treat that they all love. It is called Chicken, bacon, and ranch flavored ferret treats from Sheppard & Greene. The pieces are small enough that I don’t have to worry about them choking on them. There are three different shapes that makes Lance happy because he loves different shapes and colors. I think his favorite is the piece that is shaped like a W; I think it is suppose to represent bacon. The other two shapes are of a chicken drumstick and a heart. The colors are red, tan, and a darker brown.

     All three of my kids eat these up right where I put them. I haven’t found any hidden away in the hidey-holes like I have other treats. The zip lock top helps to keep the treats fresh and unlike many other treats that are more air than treats. Sheppard & Greene is full almost to the top and is vacuumed sealed until it is opened the first time.

     Now if I can just convince the cats that this isn’t for them. They beg for these treats more than their own.

     Just a word about the contest. Be sure to read the questions carefully. All the movies had ferrets in them but some of the questions are asking for something specific.

Note: On the HP question I should have written What is the correct name of the coloring of the ferret?


Monday, August 17, 2009

Movie Monday

     While I am not a fan of Monday’s I am a fan of movies. To make this an uplifting day I have decided to run a trivia contest. The prize is a $5 Wal-Mart GC and maybe a little surprise with it.

     All these movies have at least one ferret in them. Leave your answers in the comment box and all correct entries will have a chance by random drawing. I am going to let this contest run from today until next Monday August 24.

     The Winner will be notified on Tuesday and will have until Friday to respond.

1. In the 1982 movie, Beast Master who is Dur’s cunning?

2. In the 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop, what poem did John Kimble read to the children before naptime?

3. In the 2009 movie Space Buddies, where did Gravity ride on her owner?

4. What is the correct coloring of the ferret in the 2005 movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?  

5. How were the horns applied to the ferret in the 2009 movie Inkheart? 

6. In the 2004 movie Along Came Polly, what disability did Polly’s ferret have? 

7. In the 1997 movie Starship Troopers what was Carl’s pet Cyrano originally scripted to be?  

8. In the 2001 movie Dr. Dolittle 2, who did the voice of Lennie the weasel? 

Good Luck to you all.


Friday, August 14, 2009

First Aid Kit

     At some point in our lives, we have had an emergency happen. Whether it was something minor as a splinter in the finger or more along the line of a cut that needed stitches each was an emergency. The question then becomes just how prepared are we for such situation? We plan and prepare for ourselves all the time. It really is how prepared are we for our companions that have no voice other than the love they give us. For this reason I have two first aid kits made up for my fur kids.

     One is in the car and ready for travel. The case is a Plano (r) tackle box. One of those that you open it up and it has a shelf attached to the lid and a deep tub on the bottom. On the inside of the lid, I have attached a pocket using duct tape. Inside this are my kid’s vet’s name, number, and a description of each fur kid that might be traveling with me. If one or more of my fur babies are traveling with me I put who was with me on a piece of paper and keep it in my wallet and another one taped to the dashboard.

This is an example of what is in the first aid kit.

Lancelot AKA Lance-ferret Age 5 dark with white markings. Stripe on head and four white paws. DEAF. Does know some sign language. No known medical conditions.

James of Jessie AKA James- Ferret Age 5 looks like some one-sprinkled ashes into his white fur. No Known medical conditions.

Gwenevier AKA Gweny- Ferret Age 5 Sable. Small for size. Medical condition Adrenal Disease. WILL BITE STRANGERS AND SMOKERS

Trixie-bloodhound Age 4 Coloring Red. No known medical conditions. HAS MICROCHIP/ ALSO IS ESCAPE ARTIST USE PADLOCK ON ANY GATE.

I also have listed my home address and a list of contacts in case of emergency and I am unable to respond.

This kit contains the following

weezilpawburning A roll of gauze (can be used to make a muzzle)

weezilpawburning A pair of scissors

weezilpawburning Paper tape

weezilpawburning Honey packs (In case of insulinoma reaction)

weezilpawburning Q-tips (applying honey or Neosporin)

weezilpawburning Cotton balls (clean out wounds, eyes, ears)

weezilpawburning Nail clippers (Human toe nail clippers)

weezilpawburning Needle

weezilpawburning Distress remedy (this homeopathic helps to relieve stress)

weezilpawburning Alcohol (sterilize around wounds)

weezilpawburning Neosporin

weezilpawburning Bandages

weezilpawburning Cling wrap

weezilpawburning Wash cloth

weezilpawburning Towel

weezilpawburning Gauze pads

weezilpawburning Benadryl (for reactions to vaccines given at the vet's office)

weezilpawburning Small syringes (without needles) (These are great to use with the eye or ear wash or if you need to give a small amount of liquid)

weezilpawburning Animal eye wash

weezilpawburning Ear wash

weezilpawburning A bottle of Gerber ® 2nd stage chicken baby food (to counter act an insulinoma reaction)

weezilpawburning 3 ferret harnesses and 4 leashes.

Sounds like a lot of stuff for a small box but you would be surprised by what you can put into one of these boxes.

     In the shelf attached to the lid I put the tweezers, nail clippers, Neosporin, syringes,distress remedy, Honey packs, and the tape. I put several Q-tips and cotton balls in one of the slots. Across the top of this shelf is the wash cloth folded in half.

     In the box part goes the rest of the stuff. The towel is folded so that it acts like a pad for the rest of the stuff.

     The reason for 4 leashes is that one is for the bloodhound should the need arise. Trixie is good at removing collars and with having the leash I can make a noose that slips over her head and still have control of her.

     I have been lucky in that I haven’t had to use it for my fur kids but it has come in handy for human emergencies. The other thing that should be included in this kit is any medication that is being taken. So far none of the fur children are on any.

     The first aid box at home is a lot biggertackle box with everything the travel kit has with some added additions such as a bottle of Karo® syrup instead of the honey packs,3 wash cloths.

     Both kits also have the ASPCA's Animal poison hotline Number which is (888) 426-4435 and is operated 24/7 be aware there may be a $60 fee to use the service. The amount will be billed to your credit card. There are instances where the charge is waived.

By using tackle boxes it makes it easy to grab and go.

     May you never have to use your emergency kit.


blackchromesmallpaws blackchromesmallpaws

Enlightened Ferret would like to wish Kali Kitten a Happy First Birthday.


We would also like to thank Extreme Weezil for the wonderful paw graphics on this page.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


     Insulinoma occurs in Humans, cats, dogs, and ferrets. This disease is caused by tumors in the pancreas. Causing the pancreas to produce to much insulin and making the blood sugar (glucose) drop below normal ranges. This condition is usually called hypoglycemia in humans, but in ferrets it is called insulinoma.

     Unfortunately this is a fairly common disease in ferrets age 2-4 and older. It is normal for a slight drop in glucose after eating as our bodies utilize the food we have eaten. A ferret is usually diagnosed because he or she had an incident of unusual lethargy, or a seizure.

     Dealing with dead ferret sleep is easy compared to dealing with your fur baby stretched out on his/her side and either drooling or foaming at the mouth while twitching and shaking and not responding to you can be unnerving.

     Part of your ferret first aid kit should include either a small bottle of honey or Karo® syrup. Using a Q-tip® apply a small amount to your ferret’s inner lips and gums up to 20-30 minutes. Once he/she comes around to alertness provide him/her with a high protein snack that is meat based. Gerber® stage 2 chicken baby food is a good choice. The protein will help to stabilize the glucose levels. NOTE: This is the only time you should give your ferret Karo ® syrup or honey.

     You should make a vet appointment to determine if it is insulinoma or some other problem that sent your ferret in to a seizure. The vet can run a fasting blood glucose test. A ferret should fast between 4-6 hours before this test. Caution if it is suspected to have insulinoma do not go over the 4 hour fast time and have some kind of protein meat based food with you for after the test. This test can be done every 4-12 weeks if insulinoma has been diagnosed. This test can be done at home by using a glucose meter for pets. GlucoPetweb

     A ferret’s blood glucose is normally between 80-120 mg/dl. Under 70 can be an indication of insulinoma. The recommended course of action is surgery to remove the tumors and up to 70% of the pancreas. The earlier the surgery the better the prognoses. If surgery is not an option there is drug therapy but this is only a maintenance as the drugs will not eliminate the tumors nor stop their growth and can have adverse affects on the ferret’s other organs.

     One of the drugs used is prednisone this helps to raise glucose levels by mobilizing carbohydrates and/or proglycem an antihypertensive drug which decreases the secretion of insulin. One side affect is the Pred belly. Where the ferret will gain weight around his/her middle. As with all medical conditions treatments need to discussed with your vet to give your fur kid the best life he/she can have.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Melt Down Monday

     I hate Mondays but days like today are the worst. The humidity is so high that you sweat while sitting in the shade and dowsing my self with water isn’t bringing the temperature down I feel like I am melting from the inside out. Its days like these that I worry the most about my fur kids.

     Ferrets cannot sweat like humans nor can they cool off by panting like a dog. Because of this, ferrets are prone to heat stroke that can be fatal. The way I deal with this is by having the fan running so that the air is circulating in the room but only when they are in their cages. The other way is to have ice bottles.

     These are easily made and reusable. You can use any size bottle that has a screw on lid. Fill ¾ of the way up with tap water. Right now, I have a half-gallon milk jug, a 2-liter soda bottle, and a single serve water bottle.

     The 2-liter soda bottle is for the bloodhound so she will leave the other bottles alone. Using socks that have lost their mates I cover the other two bottles so not to freeze my fur kids bellies. The milk jug goes in the boy’s cage where James or Lance will move it around until it is under their hammock or so they can both lay next to it.

     The water bottle goes in Gweny’s cage where she slumps over it like it was a log. Until she is cooled off then she will go into her hammock until she gets too hot then she will go back to the bottle to cool off. When the ice has melted I just put the bottles, sock and all, back into the freezer until the next time the humidity makes life unbearable.

     On days like this, my fur kids go though the water quickly and I have to check it several times in an hour to make sure they have plenty. I use to have the 32 oz drip style water bottles for them until Trixie the bloodhound decided those were her personal chew toys. All that is left is the drip spouts.

     This is also the time I make a small swimming pool for my fur kids out of a Rubbermaid® under the bed tub. By putting an inch or so of cool water in the tub, my fuzzies can climb in and out of it cooling off before playing snake on or under the towels.


     I have seen ads for fans for pets but I am leery of them because ferrets are too curious for their own good and don’t have the reputation cats do of having 9 lives.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

And the Winner

     Of the pet Sock-r-ball and $5 Walmart gift card is Taminar.

Please email me your shipping address to


Congratulations Taminar and a thank you to all that entered.



Friday, August 7, 2009

Adrenal Disease

Warning some pictures on this post show graphic details of adrenal surgery and of ferrets with the disease.


     Adrenal disease is seen often as high as 70% in ferrets on average over the age of 3 years old and most being female.

     There are a number of different beliefs in what causes this devastating disease. Ranging from household light to a ferret’s diet but there is no concrete proof as to what does cause it.

     Adrenal disease affects the adrenal glands. These are two small glands that sit on top ofAdrenal glands the kidneys. 

     The yellow marks the right and left adrenal glands.







     The adrenal glands consists of two parts, the internal medulla and the outer cortex. Each part does something differently.

     The internal medulla is responsible for producing adrenaline and noradrenaline. The cortex produces three types of hormones: Glucocorticoids, mineralcorticoids, and androgens.

     Glucocorticoids include hydrocortisone, cortisone, and cortisterone, which causes the liver to increase glycogen levels raising blood sugar levels and also acts like anti-inflammatory agents. Some ferrets with adrenal disease display an increase in activity and are very energetic.

     Mineralcorticoids are regulate the salt and water in the blood and extracellular tissues. If these are out of balance then there is the possibility of electrolyte or fluid imbalances. These can affect different parts of the body including cardiac to urinary.  A lot of ferrets with adrenal tumors become very thirsty and have increased urination.

     Androgens include androsterone and testosterone promoting male characteristics and are necessary for the maintenance of muscle mass. Estrogen masks this in most females until it is depleted will show more aggressive behavior. Neutered ferrets will show sexual behavior and traits.

     Adrenaline and Noradrenaline are powerful hormones that increase blood sugar levels. Slow down the bowels, and increase blood pressure, heart, and metabolic rates, preparing a ferret for action.

     Noradrenaline is similar to adrenaline but is not as immediately powerful or as long lasting. This is the one that causes the buzz when the fight or flight reflex kicks in.

     Some of the first noticeable symptoms are hair losshairlossadrenal , due to elevated corticosteroids, around the base of the tail. Changes in behavior. In females the vulva swells. An increase in body heat and uncontrolled blood sugars. Symptoms very from ferret to ferret and depending on what part of the gland is affected are not seen until it is too late to do much but make the ferret comfortable.

     Most adrenal disease in ferrets is due to tumors in the adrenal glands. Surgery can be preformed to remove the affected gland.(adrenalectomies)

     The left adreanal gland is larger to see and therefore easier to remove. healthyadrenal (this is a picture of healthy adrenal glands)

     The right adrenal gland is attached to the vena cava, the largest vain in the body, making it difficult to remove all of the tumor and can lead to postoperative bleeding. abnormal left adrenal (abnormal left adrenal: picture is enlarged to show detail)

     New techniques are being tried in the removal of the right adrenal gland. One of these is the use of cryosurgery, the freezing of tissues using liquid nitrogen.

     Cryosurgery has been used on/in humans for decades with great results and is now being used by veterinary surgeons in the removal of adrenal glands in ferrets. One vet in Miami, Dr. Charles Weiss, has performed this type of surgery on 35 ferrets with excellent results.

     galahad My Galihad had adrenal disease and was already at end stage when he was diagnosed. Surgery was not an option for him at that point.

     Watching him loose his beautiful chocolate coat was the most difficult part before the last 2 days when his weight dropped from a healthy 3 pounds to a pound. 

     Not once did he let this disease run his life. He was active and happy up to the end when he went to bed for the night and didn’t rise in the morning this last April.

     Because of Galihad I know what to look for and how to deal with this horrible disease that no prevention nor real cure.