Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ferrets: Are They the New Celebrity Handbag Pet?

     In the last two days I have been given this link http://ht.ly/1GWwI several times because as people read it they thought of me. I am appalled by the phrase that Paris Hilton has turn in her Chihuahua for the newest trend.

     For those of us that are pet parents know that pets are not a trend to be admired for a short while and then exchanged for the newest celeb promoted pet.

     The article goes on to say that ferret ownership is on the rise. What it doesn’t say is that ferrets are the third most owned pet behind cats and dogs.

     Ferrets are high maintenance and while Paris Hilton can afford to have other to take care of her darling Baby Vegas. Don’t be surprised that Baby Vegas stops being her new Favorite pet.

     Ferrets are little thieves and will steal anything that catches their fancy. This includes dangling earrings still in the ears or not, rings on fingers, and if a button happens to look especially bright it is on the ferret’s list of hidey-hole treasures.

     The article goes on to reference another article at Paris Hilton's ferret that makes mention of Paris Hilton being seen in Las Vegas cuddling her ferret, Baby Vegas, before going on to talk about her animal farm in L.A. and includes ferrets.

     Ferrets are illegal in California. What a slap in the face to the almost one million ferret owners who have to hide their beloved fur child because if found the ferret pays the ultimate price which is execution in 48hrs unless the owner can find someone to take their beloved ferret, that is if the ferret hasn’t bitten anyone.

      To the wild game officer it doesn’t matter that a ferret has been vaccinated for rabies. Once a ferret has bitten someone and it has been reported the ferret is given a death sentence and yet Miss Hilton can flaunt her ferret(s) in public without repercussion. Again she has the means to whisk Baby Vegas out of the state with a phone call.

     What else that is appalling is that Paris Hilton admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on her show that she has so many dogs because they keep having babies.

     All that proves is Paris Hilton is no better than the puppy mills. This woman has the funds to have her animals fixed as not to add to the overpopulation problem that has our shelters full and strays running around on the street.

     I am glad to be given these links so I can show how some celebrities go about showing the rest of the world what they can get away with.

     I can only hope that Miss Hilton becomes more responsible by having all her animals fixed, including Baby Vegas. If Baby Vegas is a little girl and she goes into heat and doesn’t mate she will die from estrogen depletion.

     I can only hope that Paris Hilton has the proper licensing for the exotics she owns and didn’t get it by paying an exuberant price for the paper but actually went through the proper classes and requirements so that she knows what she is doing.

     Excuse the rant. Your opinions and comments are welcomed and all will be read; if some are extremely rude I won’t answer them.



Your Daily Cute said...

Rant excused. Sometimes you just need to get a good one in.

And... I had no idea ferrets were illegal in California! Really? How bizarre.

Jo said...

YDC yep they are and the reason is because the wildlife game control has them listed as a wild animal. It is believed that if a ferret was to get loose it would breed and a wild colony would be established and decemated some of the local species of birds like the ferrets of New Zeland.

Only thing is the domestic ferret can not live without human interaction and if one was to get out it would likely starve or be prey to hawks.

In New Zeland ferrets that had been trained to hunt rabbits were released in an attempt to control the rabbit population. It did do that but what they didn't realize was that the ferrets would hunt the flightless birds.

Another human DUH moment.

This One Wild Life said...

Hello, fellow blog hopper!

Thanks for the interesting, if not apalling read. Pets as fashion statements incite fury in me almost as much as animal abusers. Paris, one "hawt" mess of a person, needs to be called out. I wasn't surprised by her ignorance about ferrets, not in the least. But I was surely shocked by the fact that her dogs aren't spayed or neutered. How does one remain so unaware about THAT in this day and age?

For the Love of Dogs said...

Found you through the hop! Great and very informative read!

Felissa said...

Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

Two Little Cavaliers,
Davinia & Indiana

This really makes me sick that P.H. has a new pet of the hour because she is such a trend setter and now everyone is going to go out and buy one or two to carry around. This is not good news to Ferret owners at all. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help spread the word.

Amazon CARES said...

From the Pet Blog Hop! Saw your blog listed and HAD to visit. Great meeting you at blogpaws and your recent post is MOST interesting.

Jo said...

To all I am glad that my rant is at least informative and is raising awareness.

Amazon Cares I am glad I got to meet you at BlogPaws and use the mouse pad every day.

Ying and Yang said...

We found you on the blog hop. Hi! And Mom thinks the rant is completely justified and true. She always thought that if P.H. truly loves animals she should use her fame and fortune to help homeless and,or endangered animals, not collect them like the're purses!!

Grins and Kisses,
Ying and Yang

pee.ess you are the first ferret furiend we've come across!

Jo said...

Ying and Yang Glad you hopped on over and I am glad to be your first ferret friend.