Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog Paws Part III


What an awesome event. Even with the aftershock from the previous Earthquake and the threat of Hurricane Irene Blog Paws out did itself. Loved the sessions I attended and the people I got to meet and talk to.

The food was great although the cheesecake HPIM2942 was a bit smaller than the first Blog Paws but I loved the edible Blog Paws tag. 

The hotel staffs were wonderful and made their end look like a well oiled machine while they dealt with us and their other guests. The event staff of By Design were also outstanding in making everything run smoothly.

I am recharged mentally with information to share on Enlightened Ferret but still physically tired. You never realize just how wound up you get at a conference with like minded people until you get home and all the adrenaline dissipates from you.

How wonderful it was to hear that the ferrets were a favorite part of Blog Paws and that one of the puppies from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue was adopted.

One of the best parts of Blog Paws was being able to be one of the first media outlets to see the new Buddies movie and talk with the director of the movie and having a picture taken with B-Dawg more information about this in upcoming posts.

The amount of swag was mind blowing. The vendors were great and the stuff they had to talk about was informational as were the stuff they were giving out. At the end of Blog Paws those same vendors gave away stuff to the hotel staff and many of the guests that were stranded because of Irene. What a great way to show those not in attendance how caring pet people can be.

For those that weren’t able to attend Blog Paws 2011 you can read about it on the blogs of those that did go and you can start planning your trip to Blog Paws 2012.

Blog Paws will be in Salt Lake City from June 21-24 2012. More information will show up in the coming months and as always pets are welcomed.

To all my new twitter followers it is going to take me some time to follow back as I am back home to my slow dial up.

To those that weren’t aware of it Manny and Marcuz have their own facebook page. Enlightened Ferret Travels Blog Paws was their first big adventure. Please give them a like.

This is Tuesday and our Featured ferret from ">">Pet Finder is Whiskey Girl of Balch springs,TX.

This Texas girl is one spunky senior who needs a loving home without another ferret or children. She is on medication for the rest of her life but TFLR is willing to help pay for them.

Could it be that Toby Keith’s “Whiskey Girl” was her inspiration for living and loving humans?

If only this little spitfire could talk what would she tell us? So if you live in Balch Springs, TX or know someone who does and can give this little girl a forever home please pass on this info.

Disclosure: I get no financial assistance for posting these ferrets. I pick from the newly listed ferrets on Pet finder and give them some publicity via Enlightened Ferret, twitter in hopes that the right person will read the post and either adopt or send the link to someone looking to give a fuzzy a new forever home.

Have a Chittering Good Day,



Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

you thought the cheesecake was "small?" OMG!! It was huge!! I savored every bite!!!
I loved BlogPaws (it was my first one) and I already registered for Salt Lake City!
You are soooo right about the adrenaline. When I got home I was up nearly the entire night...then I came crashing down. I am still trying to catch up and I left on Saturday!

Jo said...

Caren compared to the 1st blogpaws cheese cake yes it was small but it was just as yummy.

I will be at Salt Lake City also. I will get a lot of rest before the next Blog Paws.