Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jumping Jack Flash


Hi there my name is Jack and I am living in Stewartville, MN and I am now looking for a forever home with someone who understands a ferret who has gone through major surgery to remove an adrenal gland.

My tail is still working on getting its hair back but I am sure it will be back to being full soon.

I am easy going so I would like to be in a home where there is one or two other mellow ferrets that I could cuddle up with when I get tired from all the jumping and running I am catching up on.

The right hooman would know just I need to stay healthy and know the perfect vet to take me to when I need a checkup.

With having the diagnosis of Adrenal I really should see the vet more often than once a year just to make sure I am not having a relapse or something else show up that could become really bad fast.

Are you the right hooman for me or know the perfect one then please come/send them to check me out and see if we are the perfect match.

Note: Jack wasn’t available for adoption until after his surgery. Because he is an adrenal survivor he is listed as special needs. Ideally he should be adopted by someone who has dealt with this disease and knows the reality of his survival rate could be lessened because of the chance he could develop tumors on his remaining adrenal gland.

Disclosure: I get no compensation for featuring ferrets on my blog from Pet Finder or the shelter that has the featured ferret. The commentary from the point of view of each ferret is my own take on the information given or not given depending on the shelter, rescue, or society and should not be taken seriously unless noted in a note or the disclosure

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