Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ferret Plan a Bust

Two weeks ago I told you about my plan to get me to Blog Paws this year.  I set an extremely high goal of selling 300 stuffed ferrets at a reduced price between 27-50% off of the normal price thinking that many would jump at the chance.
I've had a lot of oohs and awwws, how cute, adorable, ect. but only one buyer. So while I will continue to sew these adorable little ones the price has to go back up starting on Sunday March 30th.
For those attending Blog Paws I will still offer free shipping as I am still working towards getting there somehow. Those that have talked to me about custom ferrets I will let you know the price of those ferrets as they have always been different due to the fact that the material is supplied from other sources.
So until Sunday these guys and any listed on the Enlightened Ferret Fashion's  Face book page are still $10 and Angel $16 each then the prices will revert to the $20 and Angel $22 prices and they will be listed either in the Ferret Fabulous Finds Auction House on Face book or on Etsy.

See someone here you love and want to have you can email me at for adoption information. Please let me know if you are attending Blog Paws in the email or if you live outside of the United States.
Sweet Little Hearts Adopted
Jeffery Adopted
Leopold Adopted
Have a Chittering Good Day,


Monday, March 24, 2014

Did You Know That Ferrets Get Colds


I just got over a bad cold. The kind where your head feels like it is going to explode. What many people don’t realize is that ferrets can and do get/give human colds. They can also give it back to the human if precautions are not taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

The precautions are the same ones you would take to prevent other family members from getting your cold. Hand washing is the number one thing you can do. I also have hand sanitizer in every room so that I can use it frequently before and after touching my fur babies. I also tend to wear a mask as not to breathe too many germs on them. The ideal situation would be for someone else to take care of them until I was well over my cold but ideal isn’t always possible.

Colds can last anywhere from seven to ten days and that does not include the time it takes to incubate. So your ferret may already be headed to having his/her own cold before you even see signs of your own cold.

So how do you know if your ferret has a cold? Pretty much the same way you know you have one. Runny nose/eyes, sneezing, sleeping more than normal, not wanting to play, and eating less. Treating a ferret with a cold is pretty much the same routine you do for yourself. Lots of fluids, a soup called Duck Soup (not made from ducks), warm bed and as long as they are eating and drinking well there should be no need to see the vet. However, if a ferret has stopped taking fluids/eating for more than 24hrs or has diarrhea you need to at least call the vet and ask questions to determine if medical treatment is needed. Dehydration is major concern as it can happen quickly and can lead to death if not treated immediately.

The same can be said for the flu. Did you know that the ferret was used to create the flu vaccine? The ferret's body system works similar to the human body. The ferret is also susceptible the Swine flu and can be fatal if not treated quickly enough. The swine flu can be fatal to the ferret if it is not managed well.

It should also be said that if a ferret already has an underlying issue such as Adrenal Disease or Insulinoma the cold/flu needs to be addressed ASAP as these diseases lower the immune system and the simple cold is not so simple in these ferrets.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Ferret Plan

As many of you know we got our domain name back last week. *Happy Weasel War dance*
I also launched the Ferret Plan campaign to get us to Blog Paws May 8-10 in Nevada but I really didn’t outline how adopting these ferrets will help us.
First, let me say I already have my ticket thanks to The Pet Blog Lady.
60 Ferrets = Hotel Room
25 Ferrets = Vet travel certificate/vaccines for 3 ferrets
60Ferrets = Gas one way
4 Ferrets = Business Cards (3 sets)
60Ferrets= Gas to go home
91 Ferrets = Cash to cover ever thing else like food, tolls, next year’s ticket, ect.
This equals 300 ferrets and the ferret countdown is now to 298.
Yes, this is a very high goal but as each day disappears and Blog Paws gets closer the more it will seem like it is well worth the effort to me.
You have the choice of IMG_1367 for the head, tail, and underbelly. Unless it is a Rainbow or Angel ferret as those are always white.
Right now, the hotel is top priority as the rates go up April 22. All ferrets like Hearts except Angel are $10 hearts and Angel is $16.RainbowFerret
Don't want OTRB Angel then let me know which body you would like Angelfied for the same price as Angel.
These are the available bodies (mind it may take a few minutes for the pictures to load)
ferretbodies2 ferretbodies3
You can email me at about the one(s) you want to adopt and I will send you the adoption information to pay through PayPal.
I will hand deliver if you are going to be at Blog Paws otherwise there is a $6 transportation fee for the US and $25 for International.
In addition, if you have a specific pattern you would like your ferret to be made out of you can email me at the above address and I will give you the information on how to get your own custom ferret.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Hide and Seek by Amy Shojai



Hide and Seek is the sequel to Lost and Found. I couldn’t buy this book fast enough when I found out it was for sale. I love how Amy Shojai weaves the story from both September and Shadow’s point of view in a smooth way. Not many writers can do that.

I would have devoured this book in one session if I didn’t have to work. So it took three days but WOW! September and Shadow make a great team and working though their own issues that haunt them makes for a riveting story line.

Hinted at in the first book Lost and Found September’s past has landed squarely in her hometown just a month after September’s live radio broadcast of nearly being killed. Wild animals and pets start acting strangely along with a rise of Alzheimer’s in the town's population or is it something else?

Can September and Shadow learn to trust ever again? What about Macy? Will she ever let Shadow have a good doggy sniff of her? To find out you will have to read Hide and Seek for yourself. I can’t wait for the next book about these characters.


Have a Chittering Good Day,

Jo and the crew

Update: Yesterday we started a campaign to get to Blog Paws with a goal of selling 300 ferrets  with adding new ones besides the choice of fabric. So here is Hearts hearts

Thursday, March 13, 2014

And We’re Back!

The last month and a half have been nerve racking to say the least. Roomie has been in and out of the hospital. Thankfully she is okay although some unknown medical issues were brought to light and are now being monitored correctly and closely.
Then we lost our domain name for the month of February thanks to G changing their policies and the way you access things. Tried to get a real voice at the other end of the line and that never happened nor did they respond to tweets, Facebook messaging , or emails guess we weren’t that important to them. So, we called the original provider that sold us our domain name and not only did we connect the first time to a real person but they explained exactly what we had to do to reinstate it. That meant waiting until it came back to them. We ended up calling a couple days too early and got a great person by the name of Ali who not only helped us but also sent us an email with all the instructions we would have to do along with his direct line.
So, while we had to pay more for the domain name it is now ours and we won’t have this issue again as we are set up with wonderful people I can’t stress enough how much they eased my fear of losing another domain name. So if you decide that you want to take your blog to the next level and own a domain name for it I highly recommend setting up an account with them tell them Informedferret sent you.
Blog Paws is just around the corner and while it is still sort of up in the air as to if we can attend I have come up with a possible way of doing so thanks to a chapter in the book I am reading “Soar …If You Dare” by James R. Ball.
I am selling ferrets….stuffed ferrets not my guys. The goal will be to sell 300 of them. I normally sell them on my Etsy site for $20 each plus shipping.  IMG_0605 (example only)
Although the Angel RainbowFerret goes for $22 but as a special offer to my blog readers and those that want to help I am selling them for $10 each and if you will be at Blog Paws I will hand deliver them otherwise there is a $6 shipping fee for US and unfortunately international shipping is expensive and would be $25.
This does not include the Angel ferret but if you wish to own that one, instead I will sell it for $16. This offer is only good until May 3 after that they all go back to being $20 and $22.
Rainbow ferrets are always white Rainbowferret2

All others you have the choice of Black, White, Brown, Tan IMG_1367
I also have a few that I will post that are not in the material line up.
IMG_1368 IMG_1370 IMG_1373 IMG_1371 IMG_1374  Just a sample of the NFL I have ask to see if I have your team.
Now how to order you can either post the ferret(s) you want in the comment section with an email addy or you can leave me a message on my Facebook page Enlightened Ferret Fashions. I hope you will help us get to Blog Paws and own a very special little ferret of your own. You can also email me your choice(s) at and I will reply with how to buy your ferret.

Note: These are not toys as the eyes are sewn on.
Have a Chittering Good Day,
Jo and the crew.