Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outlawz and Gangsterz Pawty

Hi allz it’z Marcuz and I, Manny, wez wanted to let youz know about the pawty wez iz having June 4th from 7-9pm.

Manny: Iz had so much fun last year when James and Iz had our first pawty that I talked Marcuz and our hooman into doing it again this year.

Theme: Outlawz and Gangsterz, Dress up as your favorite outlaw or gangster

Charity: Hearts of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association. Donations should be noted that they are for the seniors as that is who James loved helping.

Where: The Ferret Pad. Use the hash tag #FerretPad for the pawty

Prizes: There will be some quizzes for some neat prizes.
Rules for the quizzes this time will be you can guess twice. This is to limit the amount of pawty crashers that showed up in Hooman’s DM Box last time.

Foodz and Drinkz
Will be an open bar and buffet style so help yourselfz and because this is an Outlawz and Gangsterz pawty there will be no security. All weaponz will be holstered and secured as to prevent any accidentz.

In reference to the twitter jail break of @GeorgeTheDuck only one stick of dynamite per anipal will be used on any jailbreaks. *chitters*

Just put a dime in da jukebox or spin yer own tunez. Mostly just haz fun.

Lastly our Jail account will be the hooman’z @FerretsHooman

Have a Chittering good dayz,

Manny and Marcuz
P.S. James will be attending from the RB

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It’s official!

     Manny is now a Therapy pet. He made his first visit on Monday and was a hit among the residents.

     Manny’s day started out with a bath so he smelled sweet and his fur would be soft then it was off to the park to work off some extra energy so he wouldn’t be so inquisitive that he wouldn’t sit still for the residents.

     While walking in the park we met Sara a student at the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh who was working on a class project and asked if we would mind if she took some pictures. Manny of course loves being a ham and was in true ferret mode: always moving. Sara will be sending me copies of the pictures soon.

     Finally it was time to go to Orchard Manor and meet with Emily the actives director. Emily then had Sheldon take us around to meet everyone. Sheldon was excited as he was once a ferret owner and loves the little guys.

     None of the strange apparatus, wheelchairs, wheeled walkers, oxygen tanks, or the buzzers fazed him. He loved getting petted and he checked out all the shoes but never once tried to take one. HPIM2453

     Manny met Marie a Spanish speaking lady that fell in love with him and wanted Manny to stay with her was the best. Manny sat in her lap and sized up her room but he never once wiggled to get down and Manny who isn’t one for kisses gave Marie a quick lick as we said good bye. HPIM2455


     Alzheimer's ward was at first a bit scary. I worked in convalescent for 14 yrs and know how unpredictable Alzheimer’s can be but there was only one person who had a negative response and I know that is because a lot of people think ferrets look like rats.

     Manny was fantastic and just laid in my arms while they petted him but he did perk up when we left the ward and headed over to personal care. He was greeted with great enthusiasm and a couple were prepared with treats for puppies. Manny was getting worn out from his walk in the park and all this attention.

     Our visit was suppose to only be an hour but turned into almost two. He was such a hit that everyone asked that he come back. When we got home all Manny wanted to do was sleep but Marcuz wanted to play. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Manny make Marcuz squeal.

Poor Marcuz only had the hooman to play with while Manny passed out in his hammock.HPIM2462

Manny slept even longer than he normally does and seems quite rested and ready to play today.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Friday, May 20, 2011

Ferrets and other unusual critters unite!

I am constantly see contests for pet lovers to enter and they are great contests don’t get me wrong on that point. It is that almost all of the contests are designed for pet owners of dogs and cats. We other pet owners often get left out of these contests because we aren’t thought about.

The latest one I saw on Twitter is for a company that I do like and support because they are one of the few that have products listed for ferrets and yet their prize package is for the dog and cat lover.

So I say we write our posts, write the companies, and communicate that we as ferret, hamster, capybara, chinchilla, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, guinea pig, and any other missed pet owners would like a chance at some contests too.

Maybe it is that these companies just don’t realize that our pets like certain accessories or treats and would like a chance to enter into some of these contests too. We get chances to review products on our blogs sometimes because we happen to own a more common pet and we manage to show that our uncommon pet loves that company’s product better than our common pet.

Still it is up to us to make sure we are constantly working to get these cat and dog only companies to see there is an untapped market out there of underrepresented animal owners. If just one company would step up and host an all critter contest maybe others would follow suit.

I am not saying that every contest has to include us unique pet owners but that they acknowledge that we are out there and we like to be included in the rest of the world of pet ownership.

Have a Chittering Good Day

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Be The Change for Pets Rummage Sale May 18-25

The next Be the Change for Pets challenge is having a world wide rummage sale. We all have stuff we want/need to sell but really don't have any idea what kind of price to put on the stuff.

The Be The Change Challenge makes it a bit easier as you donate your profit to a shelter of your choice. Hop, run, slither, skitter, gallop, or however you move over to BlogPaws to see what you need to do to be a part of the movement for the next 8 days.

But be sure to check out other participants to see if there maybe something you wish to own and be able to help a shelter in need.

Please check out our Etsy store item Up Down Earrings

and our Ebay listings All profits from any item with #SaleForPets tag will be donated to
Heart of Ohio Ferret Rescue and Association

If you tweet your sale items be sure to include the hashtag #SaleForPets so others may find your sale as this is a world event and we all have different time zones.

Have a chittering good day,

Manny and Marcuz

P.S. Had to do this post old school as I am not on my computer that has the program I use normally. Thanks for understanding.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty Can Kill

While chatting with a bunch of likeminded pet people on Monday we were distressed to hear that a capybara that died from eating a small part of an Azalea bush. Like ferrets capybaras are exotics that many have not dealt with. You can read about the capybara here: story. The question was asked “Why don’t nurseries have warnings on toxic plants to warn pet owners.”

From the research I have done there are over 400 toxic plants to animals many are beautiful flowering plants that most of us have in our yards. A plant only has to cause some kind of upset to be put on the toxic list but many of these same plants are toxic to humans. The question then comes into play “How do we landscape our yards so they are both beautiful and safe for both our pets and our children?”
A lot of ideas were talked about during the chat and several seemed plausible and easy to do.

1.Blog about the plants indigenous to our area and link to each other’s blogs.
2.Create pdf file that can be distributed to nurseries.
3.Create a brochure for the area.
4.Talk to locally owned nurseries and see if they were willing to post a poster of toxic to pets/children plants.

If each of us did one of these four things we as a pet community could bring about a big change and maybe save the life of beloved pet whether they are a “Normal” or Exotic pet. We might even find some plants we never knew existed or help to bring back a plant native to the area we live in but the biggest reward would be the knowledge we gained from our research about potentially deadly plants that look so deceivingly beautiful.

Have a chittering good day,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Step 2

After many misadventures with the mail Manny and I are proud to say we are on the next step to becoming part of the therapy pet world. Now I have to making our first appointment to one of our local convalescent hospitals to make a visit.

image image

Have a Chittering Good Day,

Jo and Manny

Saturday, May 7, 2011

And the Winner is......

First thank you Hartz for allowing us to be a part of this giveaway. We hope they reach their goal of helping a lot of shelters.

We only had six entries and while I would love to award every one of them I can't so I entered the numbers at random.org and hit generate. The returned number was 4 which belongs to . . . TeenysFriends! Congrats Tenny and your shelter.

Have a Chittering Good Day,

Jo, Manny and Marcuz.

Monday, May 2, 2011

National Pet Week


I wouldn’t have known that it was National Pet Week May 2-May 8th if it hadn’t been for  Hartz Mountain Corporation. This great organization has made the commitment to give Hartz products to 45 shelters though out the Nation and has asked my readers to make their recommendation along with picking one product from this list.

•DOGS:  Home Protection Training Pads, Crunch ‘n Clean BiscuitsDuraPlay Bone

•CATS:  Nodor Litter Spray, Crunch ‘n Clean Cat Treats
Midnight Crazies

At the end of the week I will use random.org to pick a winning shelter and the person who recommended them will receive a National Pet Week prize pack. What a way to help the 8-10 million shelter animals.

So leave the name of the shelter you think should be one of the winners along with your choice of product before May 7th in the comment section. This can also include a ferret shelter but the only items I would recommend as a choice are the Nodor Litter Spray and the Midnight Crazies.

“National Pet Week was founded in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Auxiliary to the AVMA. The goals of National Pet Week are to help promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the Human-animal bond, and to promote public awareness of veterinary medicine” from the AVMA Auxiliary site. 

Have a Chittering Good Day


Manny and Marcuz