Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thursday Adoptable Ferret

Watson is residing at TFLR in Balch, TX. He is studying the issue to be able to solve it like his hooman namesake.

This detective loves puzzling out the problem and zooming through the answer. He would do well with someone that has a high energy level to keep up with him.

Do you or someone you know have the skills and stamina to keep up with this inquisitive detective of the furry kind?

Disclosure: I get no financial assistance for posting these ferrets. I pick from the newly listed ferrets on Pet finder and give them some publicity via Enlightened Ferret, twitter in hopes that the right person will read the post and either adopt or send the link to someone looking to give a fuzzy a new forever home.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Let us know what you think.


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Blog Paws Part III


What an awesome event. Even with the aftershock from the previous Earthquake and the threat of Hurricane Irene Blog Paws out did itself. Loved the sessions I attended and the people I got to meet and talk to.

The food was great although the cheesecake HPIM2942 was a bit smaller than the first Blog Paws but I loved the edible Blog Paws tag. 

The hotel staffs were wonderful and made their end look like a well oiled machine while they dealt with us and their other guests. The event staff of By Design were also outstanding in making everything run smoothly.

I am recharged mentally with information to share on Enlightened Ferret but still physically tired. You never realize just how wound up you get at a conference with like minded people until you get home and all the adrenaline dissipates from you.

How wonderful it was to hear that the ferrets were a favorite part of Blog Paws and that one of the puppies from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue was adopted.

One of the best parts of Blog Paws was being able to be one of the first media outlets to see the new Buddies movie and talk with the director of the movie and having a picture taken with B-Dawg more information about this in upcoming posts.

The amount of swag was mind blowing. The vendors were great and the stuff they had to talk about was informational as were the stuff they were giving out. At the end of Blog Paws those same vendors gave away stuff to the hotel staff and many of the guests that were stranded because of Irene. What a great way to show those not in attendance how caring pet people can be.

For those that weren’t able to attend Blog Paws 2011 you can read about it on the blogs of those that did go and you can start planning your trip to Blog Paws 2012.

Blog Paws will be in Salt Lake City from June 21-24 2012. More information will show up in the coming months and as always pets are welcomed.

To all my new twitter followers it is going to take me some time to follow back as I am back home to my slow dial up.

To those that weren’t aware of it Manny and Marcuz have their own facebook page. Enlightened Ferret Travels Blog Paws was their first big adventure. Please give them a like.

This is Tuesday and our Featured ferret from ">">Pet Finder is Whiskey Girl of Balch springs,TX.

This Texas girl is one spunky senior who needs a loving home without another ferret or children. She is on medication for the rest of her life but TFLR is willing to help pay for them.

Could it be that Toby Keith’s “Whiskey Girl” was her inspiration for living and loving humans?

If only this little spitfire could talk what would she tell us? So if you live in Balch Springs, TX or know someone who does and can give this little girl a forever home please pass on this info.

Disclosure: I get no financial assistance for posting these ferrets. I pick from the newly listed ferrets on Pet finder and give them some publicity via Enlightened Ferret, twitter in hopes that the right person will read the post and either adopt or send the link to someone looking to give a fuzzy a new forever home.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Paws Pt. II


So I have met some really interesting people and talked a lot about ferrets. I have very little voice left but it is so worth it if I reach just one person.

The boys slept most of the day and were oblivious to all the attention they were getting. I am sure their faces are plastered on Facebook, twitpic, other blogs. If you have posted their pictures leave me a link to them so I can see what they look like.

I have to get a lot steadier hand at taking pictures. HPIM2920 Opening ceromony

HPIM2923 Nikki @DesignCoyote HPIM2924 Ashely @RescueAnimals Hope I got them right this time. For some reason I want Ashely to be Nikki.

HPIM2925 One part of the crowd attending Blog Paws 2011.

HPIM2928 Manny and Marcuz giving @CokieTheCat some loving. HPIM2930 @BZTAT and the growing crowd.

HPIM2931  Photo ops happen as soon as @FlatTyler joined the group and Manny and Marcuz decided that @CokieTheCat was perfect for their cuddle pile.

I am not sure anyone would believe that I am a shy person who has some crowd issues when it seems I am in my element. My two best buds keep me calm and focused and they are my passion.

Which is what Blog Paws is about PASSION. See you all in the morning at breakfast.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Paws Experience pt I


     I didn’t think I could feel the same excitement that I did when I went to the very first Blog Paws in Columbus, OH. Boy was I wrong!

    Getting to meet new people and reconnect with other has been great. I am already a little hoarse from talking about Manny and Marcuz but that is fine with me as it helps me with my public speaking skills and calming my nerves about doing so.

    It has been a roller coast ride with trying to find out if Snotface Critter would be here or not due to a policy change with Frontier Airlines that customer service overlooked when his hooman booked the flight in July directly with them.

   So today is the first day of Blog Paws.

Registration was easy and the swag bag was filled with some awesome goodies ranging from treats to toys and a gift card to pet smart. HPIM2898

Then the boys and I checked out the pet park we had free roam of the whole room. Manny decided that the dog bed was the best ferret bed.


I wonder how many ferrets could fit into that size dog bed?

Came back to the room to let myself catch my thoughts and let my boys have some time to themselves.

We will be headed back down to the main floor and more people.


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P.S. here is a video of Marcuz enjoying one of the toys from Hartz®

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big C in Ferrets

We humans don’t like to talk about it even though it affects more than just us anymore. There are so many types of this horrible disease that it can be overwhelming to learn about it. Because we are afraid that if we even say the name we might be inviting it into our homes that we’ve given it a nickname. The Big C just to cover all its many forms or we give it other names so it doesn’t sound as scary.

The Big C is the cause of half of the deaths in companion animals over the age of 10. This number is huge considering that in the U.S. and it is estimated that there are 78 million dogs and 86 million cats according to the National Pet Owner’s survey released in March from the American Pet Products Association.

Our pets can get many of the same cancers we do including skin, oral, breast, and bone. Many of the known potential causes include heredity and environment. Pesticides, ultraviolet radiation, second hand tobacco smoke and viruses.

Cancer affects ferrets at an alarming rate with it showing up in nearly 2/3 of ferrets over the age of 3 and now it is showing up with greater frequency in ferrets 2 years and under. When we talk to people about what is wrong with our little fuzzy butt we give them the easy names like: Adrenal disease, Insulinoma, Lymphoma, Mass cell, when they are just cleaner names than Cancer.

The experts aren’t sure why so many ferrets are affected with these cancers and some get all of them and others only get one or two. What they do recommend is that our furry slinky get a physical every 6 months after age 3 but with the emergence of juvenile lymphosarcoma that recommendation may change to having them getting a physical every 6 months regardless of age.

Our best defenses in beating this cruel disease is to educate ourselves about the types of cancers and their symptoms and to be vigilant of our tiny charges for any changes that may seem innocent and harmless but could hiding the death dealing cancer from us.

Adrenal Disease: Tumors on the adrenal glands that can rapidly spread to other organs. Signs can be hair loss, drop in weight, eventually death. Usually shows up after age 3 in most ferrets. Options include surgery to remove the affected adrenal gland and other tumors. Giving Lupron shots and maintenance care if caught early has a good success rate.

Insulinoma: Tumors on the pancreas causing a rapid production of insulin reducing the blood sugar to dangerous levels. Signs can be weight loss, hind leg weakness, and seizures, staring blankly into space, lethargy and eventually death. Options include surgery to remove the tumors and/or giving Prednisone and monitoring the ferret’s diet.

Lymphosarcoma is divided into two groups.

The first is lymph neoplasm(tumor)also known as Juvenile lymphosarcoma and is a rapid progressive cancer that has proven fatal in ferrets two years and younger. “There is suspicion that there may be a transmissible agent that instigates the development of this cancer.” (1) Signs can be Anorexia, weight loss, rabid onset of weakness, and acting tired most of the time. Less seen signs are coughing, difficulty breathing, and difficulty defecating.

The second lymph neoplasm is often referred to as chronic lymphoma and with early detection can be put into remission in a majority of cases. Clinical signs in adult ferrets may include, cycles of inappetence, cycles of weakness, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, chronic diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, yellowish tinged skin, enlarged abdomen, and difficulty walking. (2)

Options are Chemotherapy, surgery, and supportive care. Skin cancer is rarely seen in ferrets but they do get skin tumors such as Basal and Mast Cell and Cysts.

Basal tumors are small warty growths that have a depressed center and are easily removed by surgery and do not often reoccur. (3)

Mast cell tumors are a bunch of cells in the skin closely related to blood cells. although they are associated with a high rate of malignancy in the dog and cat, are generally benign in the ferret. There are no reports of malignant mast cell tumors in the ferret medical literature. (4)

Cysts a dilated sweat gland, known as an apocrine cyst. Apocrine glands may also form benign, or rarely, malignant tumors (5)

As a precaution all skin tumors should be evaluated in case they are a result of adrenal, Insulinoma, or lymphoma metastasized to the skin layers.

At this point and time there are no cancer clinics for ferrets like there are for cats and dogs. We as ferret owners need to keep up on the research that is being done by dedicated vets and scientists. By having this information in our hands we can help decide about the treatment of our beloved little furballs.

1, 2 Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital, PLLC: Cancer in ferrets PDF pages 3, 4

3, 4, 5 Skin Tumors in Ferrets, Dr. Williams DVM

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday's Adoptable Ferrets

Dan(brown) and Ann(white) from Pittsburgh these little darlings were gotten for the wrong reason.

Now they are looking for a real forever home. Let’s help them find the perfect ferret family to adopt.

Note: Adoption fee is $75 for this month but like all things will be going up next month.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Disclosure: I go through the newest additions on Pet Finder and randomly pick and chose who I am going to feature. I get no incentives to do so other than the heartfelt hope that I can help these furry slinkys get another chance at a forever home they rightly deserve.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday’s Adoptable Ferrets

Orville 5yr
Emilie 5yr
Splinter 1-2yr from Mendota, IL
Note : The fact Splinter’s diseased adrenal gland was removed does not mean his tail will stay naked.

Discloser: I only feature ferrets needing adoption from the Pet Finder website with no support or other considerations. I only want these little fuzzy slinkys to find their forever homes.

For other ferrets or pets please give Pet Finder a look and perhaps you will find your newest friend there.

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Monday, August 15, 2011


Last year I got to review a product call NoseOffense.
and now my readers can get 20% off NoseOffense by first liking them on facebook and then using the code ferret20 but hurry this offer ends in a week.
I am still loving how well NoseOffense works on the variety of odors in this house hold.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Adoptable Ferrets

Clyde Bonnie from Saint Cloud, MN This pair has to be adopted together and an experienced ferret hooman would be the best pets for these two little trouble makers. If you can’t adopt them maybe you can become their sponsor.
Note to Tri-County Humane Society if you don’t have time to write up each little bio for them at least make sure you change the names from the last one you copied and pasted. Bonnie and Clyde have the EXACT same info.
George is a dark eyed white and is from Cambridge, WI

Disclosure: I go through the newest additions on and randomly pick and chose who I am going to feature. I get no incentives to do so other than the heartfelt hope that I can help these furry slinkys get another chance at a forever home they rightly deserve.
If you know someone who might be interested in these little ones please direct them to either this page or directly to
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Super Pet My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Stand

Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Andre and asked if I would be interested in Easy Canvas Prints’ affiliate program. Not knowing anything about Easy Canvas Prints I told them I would be more interested in doing a review of their product.

Megan contacted me about doing the review of a canvas print by using their website . I picked the picture of my boys dressed up for the Fourth of July pet parade and uploaded it after choosing the 10X 8 canvas and followed the directions.

While it took me over an hour to do all this because of my dial-up connection I am sure it would go faster for those with WI-FI or high speed Internet. I was given a date it would arrive by Megan.

My print was delivered on the day she said it would be here. Just over a week from being created online to my doorstep.

I am not sure what I expected. I’ve seen photos put on canvas before and they looked like a computer print out on wide weaved canvas. I love the canvas I received. It looks exactly like the photo I used and the colors are sharp and focused. There is no bleed over of any kind.

While the canvas is not framed it does have a hanger attached so it doesn’t need framing.

I will use Easy Canvas Prints again as I like having the option of having one of my digital photos made into a picture I am proud to have hanging on the wall. I only wished I had known about Easy Canvas Prints with my other ferrets as I would have had a canvas done of each of them.The price is right too with their smallest canvas starting at 29.99
Right now you can enjoy a 25% discount on all canvas and get free standard shipping


I was given one 10X8 canvas print to review. The opinion is completely my own.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday’s Adoptable Ferrets

August 4 2011

Here are three more lovelies that are looking to weasel their way into your hearts and a forever home. First up is Monkey Bone from Gladstone, MO. This cutie lost her forever home because her family couldn’t afford to keep her. Loves cats!

I hate putting up little fuzzy butts that have just a number like they are some kind of criminal. But this little one is A210614 a young girl from Orlando, FL.

Note: Her head markings may indicate a hearing impairment/deafness. Again many of these kinds of notes are my opinion only unless otherwise specified.


Last but unfortunately not the last to need a forever home is Blaine of Las Vegas, NV. He is 3yr old and you can tell he is looking for mischief.

Please give these guys a look and forward them on to someone who might be able to give them a great forever home.

For more information about these and other ferrets go to


Disclosure: I receive no perks or financial consideration for these posts. My love of ferrets wants me to see them all in loving and caring homes.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Adoptable Ferrets Tuesday Edition

August 2 2011

Today’s forever home seeking ferrets are :


Tigger from Walden, NY


Lancelot from Balch Springs, TX 65$ adoption fee



Shasha from Enola, PA a senior ferret who prefers just her person’s company to other ferrets. Is also on monthly lupron shots making her a special needs ferret.

Last but not lest is Maggie from Columbia, MD and is estimated to be around 3yr and loves the Towel game and only wants a human playmate.

Let’s help these fuzzy little ones find their forever homes. These four and a lot more can be found on the Pet Finder’s website.

Disclosure: I receive no perks or financial consideration for these posts. My love of ferrets wants me to see them all in loving and caring homes.

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