Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pet Finder's Less Adoptable Pet Week: A Star in the Making

Hello Darlings I am Marilyn   from Missoula, MT and no there is no relation to Monroe that I know of.

I am considered one of the less adoptable pets by many because of my long sleek body and my pointed nose.

But then they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am looking for the right hooman to be my personal assistant.

Just like Monroe I am a beautiful girl with one little flaw my tail has lost its hair but I am sure with the right treatment from a specialist it will grow back to match my fur coat.

Won’t you help me land the role of a lifetime: Queen of Hooman’s Heart? I am not a prima Dona I love cardboard boxes of all kinds and any bag that crinkles.

I’ll eat almost any snack as long as I get plenty of exercise to run off the calories. Okay I am very particular about where I sleep but then a star has to have her beauty rest.

Won’t you apply to be my personal assistant as I am sure we would be a perfect match.

Note: Marilyn’s hairless tail maybe an indication of Adrenal Disease and should be checked out by a licensed Ferret Vet. I am not a vet but one of the symptoms of Adrenal Disease is hair loss.

Disclosure: I get no compensation for featuring ferrets on my blog from Pet Finder or the shelter that has the featured ferret.

The commentary from the point of view of each ferret is my own take on the information given or not given depending on the shelter, rescue, or society and should not be taken seriously unless noted in a note or the disclosure.

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Mariodacat said...

Another cutie dat deserves to have a loving home. Hope she gets adopted soon.