Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let’s Not Fry the Ferret…

The summer heat is just now starting to creep up on us here in Western PA. I have a feeling it is going to be very humid and hot this year.

Now is the time we should be preparing our pets for the coming heat.

Ferrets do not do well in temperatures over 68 degrees and like many animals do not have sweat glands to regulate their body temperature.

While dogs can pant ferret’s don’t and it is easy for them to suffer heat stroke.

Each year we hear of children and service animals (police dogs) that have been left in the car when the temperature seems reasonable outside it is slowly baking them from the inside out.

I try not to take my fur kids on outings when the temperature is going to soar well over 70 degrees and if I have to do so I have a number of things I do to keep them cool and comfortable.

1. I fill a gallon jug with water and freeze it.

2. I fill a gallon size sealable bag with enough water that it will lay flat and freeze that.

3. I have a crate fan and keep extra batteries.

4. Plan out where you have to go and the amount of time you will be at one place.

As I said I don’t take them on outings if at all possible but sometimes emergencies arise and you have to go out with your ferret.

The gallon jug of water does two things. The first is I place it in front of the crate fan so that the air is cooled and isn’t just the heated air being blown around. Yelch. Second as it melts it is a cold drink for the ferrets. Just like humans animals need to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

The frozen flat bag is placed inside the carrier with a covering over it. This gives the ferret a place to lay down and stay cool and comfortable. The cover keeps the ferret from getting too cold or having their belly stick to it.

The crate fan I have uses 2 D size batteries and can eat them up in a matter of minutes depending on how long and how high I have the fan on so it is best to have extra batteries.

By knowing how long I will be out allows me to schedule stops at places where I can let my ferrets out of their carrier and the car. One of the best places is the park and since most of the outings go past the park they get numerous chances out. I am also lucky that the local pet/farm store allows animals inside where it is air-conditioned.

The best rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want to stay in the car with windows up leave your pet at home. For those that earn a living by helping humans then the humans need to plan for the heat.

Police dogs should have adequate water and if it is possible a gallon jug of frozen water in the back with them.

If you see a pet in distress in a car call 911 and report it.

Best Advice: If you don’t have to take your pet with you DON’T!

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Paws Moments

Holy Ferret! Blog Paws flew by in an instant. Didn’t we just get to Tyson’s Corner?

Now we are unpacking the bags of swags, sorting the ferret’s luggage from mine. My throat feels like someone shoved a tennis ball halfway down it and my voice is squeaky. This makes Manny come looking for the toy.

My favorite moment?

Getting my ferret shaped jump drive from Marshall Pet. I don’t think there are any photos or videos floating around of me bouncing up and down like an excited little kid getting something they really wanted at least I hope there isn’t.

I know I squealed with delight. I’ve wanted it since it came out. It is still sitting exactly where I put it when I received it. In the nametag pouch.IMG_0231

What was your favorite moment?

Best surprise moment.

When roomie’s puppy mill rescue dog Ariel barked for the first time. The look on that sweet face was adorable as she looked so surprised at the sound that came out of her. Then just to make sure she did it right she woofed a couple more times.


What was your surprise moment?

The Aha moment.

I’ve tried for years to understand how to put a book proposal together and have always fell short of completing one. Thanks to Darlene Arden’s session, I have a good grasp on the concept and an understanding that I didn’t have before along with a few good laughs as she has the best sense of humor.IMG_0096

What/When was your aha moment?

I know you from somewhere moment.

I heard the story of how a pet owner reconnected with his pet sitter almost 10 years later. How incredible was that?

As for me, it was the hotel clerk I used to deliver to every night when I worked for a pizza place and he ran the front desk.

Did you have one of those moments?

My sponsors, marshalllogo , set up a great play area for my kids to play in although I think they slept most of the time but it gave people the chance to see what a ferret looked like and if they happened to be awake and playing how cute they could be. IMG_0107

Next year Blog Paws will be in Vegas and I already have my ticket thanks to Lisa Taron The Pet Blog Lady.petbloglady

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Blog Paws 2013 Photos


We are defiantly feeling the Blog Paws Hangover today. Still can’t believe it is over already.

Next year we are headed to Vegas!  Enjoy the photos.

Have a *yawn* Chittering Good Day,


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog Paws Friday Recap

I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired or hyped at blog paws. It is a wonderful and exhilarating feeling.

breakfast was nice and calm being able to interact with just a few people at a time was delightful.

Marylin gave Jo from petside lots of kisses. IMG_0083 

At the first session we attended the speaker was Darlene Arden IMG_0096 love her sense of humor and she explained how to create a book proposal in a very detailed way that understandable.

Also in attendance was GlogirlyIMG_0098

Does that mean Waffle is planning on writing a book?

The ferrets and I took in the session on how to get free publicity. I am sure that Harrison  Forbes had no idea that there were ferrets attending but I loved his statement that you had “ferret out the information.”

I took the fur kids to hang out at Marshall’s small animal playpen. To their surprise new additions had been added by Bonnie and friend from Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach 

IMG_0105  after checking everything out it was time for a nice midday meal and then off to the land of Napping IMG_0115 IMG_0114 

If you didn’t know ferrets sleep between 14-18 hours.  The rest of the day was kind of a blur as it just seems to pick up speed and fly out the door.

I did put the breaks on and created an Honor Flag for Grace. Honor Flags is the brainstorm of Wanda Kruse and is her take on the Tibet Prayer flags. The Honor Flags can be made to honor a pet, or animal loving person both living or have made the trip across the bridge.

I found it very relaxing and the world seemed to slow back down a slow spin. This is the flag for Grace IMG_0119

Don’t remember much about the rest of the day as I think I was sleepwalking most of it. But I do know I answered a lot of questions about ferrets.

For a select few there was a mini ferret fashion show as Emmy and Allen Pearson took some photos of the kids modeling some of the fashions created for fur challenged ferrets and for the stylish ferret.   IMG_0123IMG_0122IMG_0126  

Allen is the professional photographer for Blog Paws this year. Thanks for the great tips. These photos are mine how great it was to have nice clear images.

Can you guess who these Blog Paws Attendees are?

IMG_0132 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131

Can’t believe that it is already Saturday.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


This post is brought to you by the people of marshalllogo who kindly sponsored us to be at this great event.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blog Paws 2013

Wow what a wild ride.  Finished packing at 4:30 am and then we were on the road. It rained, it was windy, and then the sun came out.

Unfortunately the camera was packed so couldn’t take any pictures.  There is still major construction going on so we missed the driveway more than once. lol

Marshall Pets has a nice set up and the kids love the small animal play area. IMG_0065 Linda and Denise have been wonderful IMG_0041 and right next to them is Washington Metro Ferret Outreach IMG_0036

Got to see old friends IMG_0059

and meet new ones IMG_0063

Then the camera battery died so no more pictures tonight and I am on my way to a hot bath and a soft bed.


See you all in the morning and have a chittering good day,


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leading Up to Blog Paws: Last Minute Details

Tomorrow we will be up bright and early to start our long drive to Tyson’s Corner, VA and the start of Blog Paws.

We are sad that our buddies Nikki and Ashley, from I love Rescue Animals won’t be there but were pleasantly surprised to find out that Edna from Nutro, Snotface Critter, George the Duck’s Typist will all be there.

This is the first year that we had two sponsors one we have met and the ferrets love giving her kisses and hugs. This is the second year she has supported Enlightened Ferret again thank you Lisa Taron.petbloglady

After many emails back and forth and I am sure some other outside help we secured sponsorship from Marshall Pet. marshalllogo

Notice: If you don’t like them that is fine but don’t put hateful comments as they will be deleted from this post and any other regarding the Blog Paws Event.

This year the little fur kids will have their own playground to romp in not that, the dog park wasn’t fun for my kids it was my own peace of mind that was worn.

Enlightened Ferret will have some surprises for a few people as well. What they are differ from person to person but we are sure they will be well enjoyed.

With roomie joining us at this year’s Blog Paws, I hope to be in more pictures with my fur kids than they are. *Chitters* but they are the draw.

If you have questions about ferrets please be sure to stop by the Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach’s table or Marshall’s if you can’t find them or they are too busy I will give you an answer if I can or will help you find it.

Ask nicely and I will chitter for you.

See you at Blog Paws.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leading Up to Blog Paws: Grooming

Wow! Blog Paws is a sold out event this year that can only mean it is going to be the most awesome event ever. But then we knew that when two, count em, two ferret related organizations will be there and of course there will be more than just the Enlightened Ferret Business.

That is what a bunch of ferrets is called, a business. So now, the fur kids have to look their best and that means a mini spa day for them.

First 12 sets of nails will be clipped and three pairs of ears checked and cleaned.

The use of Ferretone will ease any resistance to that being done. Next will be the dreaded bath.

Now ferrets don’t often need baths as they are OCD about grooming and by over bathing a ferret you are actually increasing the oils on their skin that gives off the musky odor.

Only reason the kids are getting a bath is so they will look their best for arrival at the Sheraton hotel on Thursday.

Not all ferrets like the water and Marcuz goes from liking it to freak out and back in 2.3 seconds, it seems. But as long as the other two are with him, he does submit to the shampooing and rinsing.

My favorite thing is to watch them dry off, as they never think they are dry enough.


Manny is lucky that I don’t own a hair dryer as he is funny to watch as seen here from the last time we were at Tyson’s Corners, VA


Have a Chittering Good Day,


Monday, May 13, 2013

Leading Up to Blog Paws: Packing

HPIM2897 Blog Paws is just a few days away and there is still so much to do. The first thing is to get started packing.

For those of us bringing our pets it isn’t as simple as one might think. For those flying it requires a health certificate from the pet’s vet then there is arranging for the pet to fly. Most airlines have a weight and number of pets in the cabin limit.

Ferrets are not allowed in the cabin but can be loaded as cargo, which is absurd, but since we will be driving it doesn’t matter this year.

Roomie and her two rescues, Ariel and newly adopted Z will be coming with us to her very first Blog Paws. So instead of packing for just Manny, Marcuz, and Marylin I am having to add in the two doggies.

Packing is a chore no matter the reason but when you have ferrets, it can be even a bigger chore unless you have a good system in place.

For me that is a list of what needs to be packed and in what suitcase, computer bag, and travel bag.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the ferret’s suitcase has a much longer list than mine but then I only need my clothes, a few grooming supplies as I don’t wear makeup. Now the tech bag is a bit fuller with having my notebook puter, cords, camera, battery charger, phone, extra battery, and charger.

But the list hasn’t changed much for the ferrets with only a few extras added because of Marylin and my list is just to make sure I don’t forget to pack pants, both sets of shoes, or any of my tech that will be needed at Blog Paws.

Don’t forget we all need our business cards. The fur kids have their traveling page cards and I’ll have my blog cards.

Soon we will be blogging from Tysons Corner, VA

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Stewart Pro-Treat For Ferrets

Disclaimer: I received two free bags of Stewart Pro-Treat to review. The opinions of my ferrets and me are our own and have received no further compensation for this post.


              FashonableFerrets 078

I love the face of the ferret that is on the bag of treats it is just adorable.

The bag is a little hard to open and can’t be resealed. The bag holds a good amount of freeze dried chicken liver. 

Which is rich in protein (70.45%) and many ferrets love the taste of chicken livers.

I like the fact it states right on the front of the bag that they are made in the USA and on the back states that is USDA inspected Chicken liver.

With so many recalls on pet treats from China it is refreshing to see that there are still companies that are made in the USA.

When I first opened the bag I had a lap full of ferrets trying to see what I had.

One by one they each stuck their nose in the bag and sniffed but only one took something.

That was Manny my treat connoisseur who will only take treats he thinks are worth taking.

FashonableFerrets 071

The piece he took from the bag seemed a bit big but I had just opened the bag and hadn’t read the rest of the bag yet.

Which says “Stewart ® Pro-Treat® maintains the aroma, full-flavor and nutritional value of 100% raw Chicken Liver. Fresh, conveniently freeze dried and diced into Reward Size Treats, Pro-Treat® is an excellent obedience ad training too. Rich in protein and always preservative free, Pro-Treat® is the delicious and nutritious way to share your love.”

By now Manny was back asking for another treat. I reached into the bag and pulled out a piece that was about an inch thick and wide.

Breaking off a bite size piece for Manny who scampered off to enjoy his new found love. I looked inside the bag and was greet by several large slices. FashonableFerrets 080

To me diced means small squares. For a dog or a cat the size wouldn’t be an issue but with ferrets you have to worry about choking and internal obstructions.

Freeze dried items tend to expand when liquid is added and one of the things Manny does is dip his food into the water bowl to moisten it.

Thankfully he didn’t feel the need to do that with the first piece he had.

I do like the fact that they offer a Guaranteed Delicious encase a pet doesn’t like the treats and while I think the pieces are too big for ferrets they are not hard to break up and Manny has found where I’ve hidden them repeatedly to prove how much he loves them.

FashonableFerrets 072

For me I would give the treats a 3 paw rating but then I don’t count in the rating system.

Manny gives them a five paw rating as it is the highest there is.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Paws T- Minus 12 Days


Where has the time gone? Soon the fur kids and I will be joining other like-minded bloggers and pet related people in Tyson Corners, VA to expand our network and reconnect with friends.

This year is even more special for Enlightened Ferret because in addition to our long time supporter Lisa Taron the Pet Blog Lady.

Manny has known Lisa the longest and can’t wait to give her more ferrety kisses and introduce her to his sister Marylin.

Marshall, no not the clothing store, is also sponsoring us. Manny and Marylin are both Marshall ferrets and will be enjoying their sponsored small animal play area along with their brother Marcuz off and on throughout Blog Paws.

I am excited that there will be a brand there that geared to the ferret parent (ferrent).

Who knows maybe the 3M’s will give a weasel war dance demonstration for those that would like to learn those crazy moves. No guarantee though as ferrets have their own ideas of things.

We are grateful to our sponsors both old and new and can’t wait to see them both in just a few days.

Have a Chittering Good Day,