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Can Ferrets Become Overweight?



While it is true most healthy ferrets don’t become overweight, it should be realized that it is possible for a ferret to gain more weight than is healthy. One has to take into consideration the amount of exercise to food ratio a ferret may get.

Ferrets should have food available throughout the day as they have a high metabolism but they should also have plenty of exercise for them to maintain a nice weight.

While I try to give my boys plenty of time out of the cage, Manny has a bad habit of eating all the food he can and will stash food in his hidey-hole for later. This habit has given him a rather large butt and has required me to start feeding the boys in separate areas.

Manny is on a diet of smaller portions than Marcuz who doesn’t feel the need to inhale his food so he is a lot smaller than Manny. To some Marcuz may look underweight but he isn’t as a healthy ferret can weigh anywhere from 2-5 pounds. Manny may be tipping the scales at the 5-pound mark.

The other difference is where both boys come from. Manny is a Marshall ferret. Marshall has been breeding ferrets for over 30 years. Marcuz is from Path Valley breeder in PA. I’ve had mainly Path Valley ferrets and they have all been under the 3-pound mark. Manny is my first Marshall ferret and so his larger size is new to me.

Therefore, the answer to the question is yes a healthy ferret can become overweight just like a human can.

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Featured Ferret: Savannah

Hello Darlings,

I’m called Savannah and I am looking for the perfect plantation to call home.

Must have caring hoomans that understand that us ferrets have a slight smell no matter what. My last applicants didn’t like my perfume.

Second said hoomans must have time for little old me. I love to cuddle and snuggle but I also like to cut a rug or two.

If you have the right ferret mentality and think you need to have a womanly touch added to your home I’m the gal for you.

You can call Ms Lori here at the shelter in Texarkana, Texas at 903-838-3040 to set up a chaperoned introduction date. Hope to meet you soon.

Ms. Savannah

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for promoting any of the ferrets from the Pet Finder site here on Enlightened Ferret. I chose from the many needing new homes and give them a voice using the information that is available.

Photos of the ferrets come from the site as well and are not mine.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Marshall Wheelie Tote



Opening the box from Marshall Pets I was surprised to find this tote flat. I like the fact it can be easily stored this way.

I zipped up the zippers and the result is the above picture. I couldn’t wait to see how Manny and Marcuz would react to it.

I let them out of their cage and they were all over this new and fun looking toy. Once they had checked out the large mesh pocket on the outside it was time to climb in and check out the inside.



I shouldn’t have been surprised when they both sat down and looked at me from the top opening as to say, “Let's go.”

The tote has a handle on the top making it easy to carry downstairs. I wanted to see how the boys reacted to being wheeled around  so I extended the telescoping handle and pushed the tote ahead of me.

I could see the mesh top that the boys were having a ball looking out the sides and the top to see where they were going. The tote handled their bouncing around with ease and never felt unbalanced.

Strapping the tote down in the car was easily and didn’t compress like some of the other carriers I have had. It is also high enough that the boys could look out the window from the mesh and see where we were going.

I have replaced the blanket with a small fleece animal bed that Marcuz loves. I think that it gives his back some support without being to soft or hard.

I have named this carrier the mini Ferret Chariot and Manny and Marcuz love it so much that when they are finished playing and want to take a nap they will seek it out and climb in and go to sleep.

I love this tote and have recommended it to a few friends for their small critters. I am sure my boys will have their Ferret Chariot for many years to come.

Paw rating: a full 5 paw salute.

Disclosure: I was given the Wheelie tote to review and received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Living Life Like a Ferret

Ferrets live life in the fast lane and to the fullest extent that they can. You can see the passion in their eyes as they take on a new challenge or adventure.

This week I made the decision to become the Crazy Ferret Lady and oddly things that I have been wanting to happen have started.

First was being the Featured Blogger on Pet PR’s site while I knew I would eventually be there I did not expect it to happen this week.

Then I was chosen for a writing job that has to do with pets. While it isn’t directly related to ferrets it is part of my passion and may lead to some other pet/ferret related work.

I did a prelim interview about the ferret clothing I make and while I am not ready to let more details out know that it will be huge for me and the boys.

So know your passion make the decision to follow your hearts passion to the ends and above all else grab that shiny and run like hell to your hidey hole to make it yours alone.


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Featured Ferret: Angel


I could be your guiding light. My name is Angel and I am a four year old little chocolate girl.

I am keeping myself amused with the hoomans here at the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Centre C in Boalsburg, PA.

I get along with other ferrets and would love to find a forever home with another laid back ferret to hang with. The hoomans here were told I played rough and nipped hard but I have done neither of those things for I am an Angel.

Won’t you be my saving grace?


Disclosure: I create personas for the ferrets I feature from the Pet Finder site and receive no compensation for doing so other than the hope that one of them will find their forever home.

For those that seek medical advice I am not in the animal medical profession. All information contain on my blog is from research and interviews from those that are knowledgeable in the subjects. If you are having a problem with your ferret please see your vet.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Tails a Showing







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Featured Ferret: Big Bad Brodie

Hey you there! Yes I am talking to you. I want you to be my pet hooman. I am an educated ferret as I was found on the State College campus checking out the students and staff there.

I am not real keen on other ferrets but if you think you can integrate me into your business you are welcome to try but you have to convince these fine folks here at Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association of Centre C in Boalsburg, PA a call.

I love to play with the pet hoomans here but they only have a little time for each of us. I suppose I’d get more hooman time if I liked playing with them other ferrets.

I hope you will come take me home or know someone that will.

Brodie Bear.

Disclosure: All the ferrets I select from Pet Finder are by my choice only. I receive no compensation for promoting the adoption of these long furry kids. If I could I’d adopt everyone of them just so they would have a forever home.

For those that keep asking me medical or other advice please know I am not a vet and have no medical experience beyond what I have learned from my own ferrets. For the well being of your ferret or other animal please contact your vet for reliable information.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update On Marcuz and Other Things


Marcuz is back to his old self. Climbing things he shouldn’t and trying to be the dominate male. For now Manny is letting him think that he has won but it will only last until Manny gets tired of Marcuz pushing him around.

For that I am grateful as I am for those that have donated towards the Ferret Chariot. There are so many amazing people out there thank you all.

I am sure that most of you noticed that I’ve been gone for a week both on my blog and twitter. While I could just say I nothing I feel that an explanation is needed.

First you need to know I suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) it is a type of depression that hits many in the winter months or those that don’t get a lot of sun. 

There isn’t really a lot known about it and while mine is mild it can become extreme if I am not careful. Which is what happened.

Marcuz getting hurt was just the start. The stress from not being able to get him help and the weird weather threw off my sleeping and eating habits.

Then finding out about a friend losing someone to suicide brought up some unresolved issues of losing someone extremely close to me on the 15th sent me deeper down that dark road.

The final nail that made me withdraw was the fire that cost two people I’ve never met everything and I felt helpless that all I could offer them was a few handmade toys.

I needed to get myself collected and back into the habits that help me deal with my own depression that could have affected how well Marcuz recovered. I know our pets can feel our moods and will try to make us happy.

I didn’t want Marcuz trying to do his funny jig so I would laugh it would have been and is still too soon for him to do that type of wiggling.

So I am back into the habits that keep my SADs in check and the fact that the sun has been out more helps but I am still not 100% but then I don’t think any of us hoomans are ever 100% but I am a lot closer than I was.


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top 10 Ferret Shelter Needs


In featuring Lucky yesterday I realized that most don’t know what a ferret shelter/rescue needs are so here are the top 10.

10. Cleaning Supplies this includes but not limited to:

  • Paper towels
  • Cloth towels
  • baby wipes
  • laundry detergent
  • Simple Green

9. Medical Supplies

  • Alcohol pads
  • Ferretone
  • lancets
  • glucometer
  • gauze wrap/pads
  • Q-tips®
  • tweezers
  • Benadryl®
  • Distress Remedy

8. Treats

  • Bandit® from Marshall
  • Greenies®
  • Ferretone
  • Fer-vite
  • Chew weasel
  • Foamy fries

7. Grooming

  • brush
  • ferret shampoo
  • small animal nail clippers
  • Q-tips®
  • Fer-lax
  • Ferretone
  • pet toothpaste/brush
  • towels/drying sack

6. Bedding/ Litter

  • Hammock
  • sleeping sack
  • blankets
  • Any non-clumping, no fragrance, no clay litter.

5. Toys

  • Jingle balls
  • stuffed mice
  • socks
  • squeaky toys
  • infant toys that aren’t rubber/latex

4. Ferret Food

  • Marshall’s Ferret Food
  • Evo
  • 8 in 1
  • Zupreem
  • Young Again
  • Path Valley

3. Cages/ Carriers

Made for rabbit/guinea pig/ferret

Carriers for easier transport to vet or foster homes

2. Volunteers/foster homes


1. Donations

Can be gift cards to the local pet store, Wal-Mart™, grocery store, gas card.

Find out where the shelter/rescue takes their fur babies and donate to their vet account.

Monetary to the rescue/shelter itself.


Have a Chittering Good Day,


Featured Ferret: Lucky


He just felt right to feature today.


Top of da day,

Names Lucky. Fits me right fine as I was left alone in my apartment when my hooman ran away. Thankfully other hoomans found me and brought me here to the Ferret Nook here in Cambridge, WI.

While these fine folks keep me entertained and I can dance with some other ferrets I would rather use my charms on a new pet hooman.

I’d give them my pot of treasure at the end of the rainbow. You did know that is where we kept all our cool stuff right?

Any hooman out there wishing for a charming lad like me?

I am 2 years old and I have the cutest little brown stripe on my nose and I am wishing for the best forever home.

Lucky Charms Ferret

Disclosure: I get no compensation for any ferret featured on my blog from either Pet Finder or the shelter they are living. Each profile is written by me to be in the voice of the ferret and from the information available.

Have a Chittering Good Day,